Gillette Venus Compatible Cartridges-8Pk

These razor blades suck! Don’t buy them! The cartridge itself doesn’t have the exact fit & keeps “popping” off. Then there’s the lubricating strips that fall out and finally they don’t shave anything! Poor quality all the way around. I tried to return them, however, was disappointed when woot said they don’t take returns unless it was an error on their part. I ordered 2 thinking it was an awesome deal! Don’t but these!

WORST razors ever! They literally do not shave hair!! I went over one spot over and over and over and it did nothing. I examined the blade to make sure there was no rubber protectors on the blades that would prevent them from working…nope, just crappy ass blades. UGH! Very frustrated, specially with the fact that Woot sucks with returns. When I say sucks, I mean it just doesn’t happen! For my 15 bucks all I got was a bag of shit razors and frustration.