Gillette Venus Compatible Cartridges-8Pk

These are a very cheap knock off. The “moisturizing” strip fell off after first use for all the ones I received.

Every time I see these come up for sale, I will put up this warning to STAY AWAY. They are junk. Cheap and dull, you are better off with single blade dollar store disposables. At least they’ll give you one good shave before becoming useless.

I tried these once. Heed the warnings: Cheap and not worth the money!
First, the packaging is difficult to open to get to the razor, two of the razors wouldn’t even attach to the handle, moisturing strip fell off or was in the way of the blades on half if them, blades don’t stay sharp even half as long as the real thing. Junk!
I love Woot but not this product

These are so horrible. Compared to the cheapest generic brand you could possibly find in a drug store, these are WORSE. They literally do not even work. Razors are expensive beyond belief so I get that these are tempting. Don’t fall for it. Unbelievably poor quality in every way.

Wish I’d seen these comments BEFORE I ordered these blades. I had to swap back to my 2 month old blade after about 10 minutes of trying unsuccessfully to shave my legs with one of these brand new blades. Horrible! Woot should stop selling these!!! Lowest of low quality.