Gilmour Polymer Impulse Lawn Sprinkler - 2 Pack


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Gilmour Polymer Impulse Lawn Sprinkler - 2 Pack
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 Gilmour 993NS Polymer Impulse Sprinkler w/ Polymer Spike

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Just what I need for a cheap summer thrill. How well do these play with Astroturf?

Omg this is junk. Wtf!

how much pressure is necessary to work properly and provide sufficient spray

So, I gather this sprinkler lacks impulse control?..


yes this is shipped by the new and improved


Ugh, among my first few 2 for Tuesday deals after returning to Woot from a long hiatus. Hopefully we’ll get some Ipod Touch or Wii stuff. I’m still in a condo.

Product Website

Wonderful children’s toy is what I am thinking.
It will be wonderfully lazy for me!

got 3

Looks like I’ll be buying this on Impulse.

Lol, Yay oh yay!

If you daisy-chain six of these with interconnecting hoses, will there be enough pressure to fire off the sprinkler heads near the end?

can i run this from a keg and get a beer garden later this year?

damn i forgot to use my woot coupon. Guess I’ll use it on the next woot.

Are these suitable for frolicking in my yard?

for hours of fun, attach to kitchen sink, turn on when wife walks in, and run away.

note: actual fun time may be exaggerated and one-sided. I am not responsible for a pissed off wife.