Gilmour Polymer Impulse Lawn Sprinkler - 2 Pack Woot Info Post - putting the us in wooters

Gilmour Polymer Impulse Lawn Sprinkler - 2 Pack [New] - $1.49 + $5 shipping shipping

2 * Gilmour 993NS Polymer Impulse Sprinkler w/ Polymer Spike

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REALLY don’t need those.


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This woot is just all wet…

What the heck, think I am in for a set.

How hard would it be to say daisy chain 6 of these?

Seriously? These water wasters are not even legal in some states.


YES! Something to use my Bacon Salt, and all my Woot! Tv’s I bought with.

I’ll wait for the Happy Gilmore Polymer Impulse Lawn Sprinkler.

Repost from last time!


Well, this is a bit of a let down after waiting out the questionable refurbished hard drives.

Oh know these things again.

As long as you have 6 separate pieces of hose, you’re set.

We live in Arizona. Our “lawn” is about 12’x14’. Not much use for these. Pass…

If you like broken plastic, these are for you.

Can i not buy these woot off deals in canada? if i enter a canadian postal code it says correct postal code, but if i enter a fake ZIP it accepts it…

I think Raphael, could use these as emergency weapons