Gilmour Polymer Impulse Sprinkler with Ground Spike

Breakin the bank! $.29. Only buy 1… 2 max!


A spike through the heart…

Do these things work on vampires??? Are they endorsed by Buffy???

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Seriously? 2 months ago I paid 10 times this… what the hell.

29 cents…too rich for my blood!

sweet, 3 for the lawn. Let me just check what our New England weather will be like tomorrow…and…snow. Not really, snow will be next week. This is a good deal, though.

In for 3. Summer is right around the corner, and this will get me well on the way to that flume ride in the backyard.

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Needed to repost this classic:

Wow - tax was more than one sprinkler:

You want 3

Gilmour Polymer Impulse Sprinkler with Ground Spike
You ordered 3 Gilmour 993NS Polymer Impulse Sprinkler w/Polymer Spike.
which each cost $0.29
for a subtotal of $0.87
plus tax + $0.41
plus shipping + $5.00
for a total of $6.28

But a great deal - thanks, Woot!

This looks great, unless you live in San Diego, where even during the winter there are widespread water regulation in effect. Neighbors reporting neighbors… This would get you reported in many neighborhoods.

In for 3 to make up for my lack of woot-off purchases. Just haven’t found anything I needed when I was able to check in.

Daisy chain # vs. pressure gradient?

Go these during the last woot-off and they work great. Highly recommend unless your one of those metal snobs.

heck yeah in for 3

I bought one of these two years ago and the tip broke, then I bought a metal one last year thinking it would fix the problem and the tip broke. Three ought to do it!

Feel free to double-check my math (I’m tired, it’s late, and the pain meds are wearing off…), but as I calculate it [scritch scritch scritch] these are only 37 cents less per item than the prior sale – today, $1.96 each, whereas the sale a couple months back was $2.33 each (rounded to nearest penny, with shipping included – each sale maxed-out at quant-three for purposes of the calculation – final pricing (above) per-unit, with three purchased today, and three PAIRS at earlier price).

Regardless, in for three. Decent price, and can use them.