Gimenez Riili Gran Reserva Malbec (2)

Gimenez Riili Gran Reserva Argentinian Malbec 2-Pack
$74.99 $156.00 52% off List Price
2008 Gimenez Riili Gran Reserva Malbec, Uco Valley, Mendoza
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What’s the deal here?
International Malbec day was yesterday…

You know, we’re woot; also, we got the memo a little late. :wink:

We’ll put that on WD and Neil then.

if today’s deal is 2008 Gimenez Riili Malbec Gran Reserva with Average CT $$ at $55.40, this is a rocking deal price wise.

Hopefully they chime in to defend themselves. Haha!

Priorities! International Malbec Day comes around every year while International WineWoot Day is but once a week. :wink:

Seriously, though - I really enjoy Malbec but have a mental block about the pricier ones since there are so many good Argentinian Malbecs available in the $15/bottle range. But then I think of the fact that I used to feel similarly about expensive Cabs, Syrahs and Pinots.

While this does seem to be a nice discount compared to the average user price on CT, can anyone convince me that there’s enough QPR to shell out (w/tax & shipping) approximately $43/bottle for this?

This is also where I am.

Not to mention that the monkey did not deliver one of these this week.

YOU are supposed to have tasting notes to convince US that it is worth it. You are International Chip! Someone clearly dropped the ball here.

A review and a drinking window:

It clearly must have been held up in customs. I thought international man of mystery chip had one of those trusted importers expediting cards! How will I know if it’s any good if international chip doesn’t put his approval stamp on it.

He has a point here…

This wine fantastic. We stopped at this winery on a wine tour of Mendoza. Sent a case of the Gran Reserva Malbec and cabernet home - only souvenir from Argentina. (the owner could be an identical twin to Kyle Chandler)

I’m a girl, but I’ll take the credit. Haha!

Sorry, I only saw your hands…

Think of it this way.

Would any of those $15 malbecs hold a candle to a $120 Napa Valley Cabernet?

Everyone knows Napa Valley Cab can command high prices. So you’re paying for the name “napa valley cab” on top of the wine.

Nobody expects it from Malbec, as you’ve illustrated. So Malbecs can’t cash in on the name as much.

As a result, I’ve had $70 Malbecs which kick the tail of most $100 Napa Cabs, similar to how $15 Malbecs can outperform $20 Californians.

So compare it to other great and more popular wines to assess its true value.

That being said, Malbec is gaining in popularity and the $15 Malbecs now aren’t as good as the $15 Malbecs five years ago. Case in point, I drank gimenez riili regular Malbec six years ago when it was in the $15 range. Then it disappeared; seemed that GR thought that wine should be $25-30 and the suppliers didn’t agree.

So it’s a spot-on producer, and I would say that this woot price is a good, fair price. And I expect it would hold its own against $90* napa cabs

*edit-I would expect this $75 woot deal for two bottles would hold its own against two napa cabs for $90.

That’s completely fair. They are big.

You make some good points but here’s the thing about those $15 Argentinian Malbecs - they are consistently good. I’m not sure the same can be said about $15 Cali Cabs. I’ve tasted a lot of mediocre California wines in that price range, whereas similarly priced Argentinian Malbecs seem like more of a sure bet for the money.

That’s not to say there isn’t value to be had in a higher priced Malbec, I just haven’t felt any need to upgrade so I have not yet experienced the difference.

Regarding the…“upgrading to $$ Malbec” conversation…

I think one of the big stumbling blocks for me is that we’re missing the $20-$30 step here. Up there someone said “GR thought that wine should be $25-30 and the suppliers didn’t agree.” That seems reasonable for a top end, good juice, when all the near-by competitors are $15. But what we have here, even after woot discounts…is $40 per bottle + tax.

That’s a tough leap of faith to take…I can count the number of bottles in my collection of $40+ wines on two hands (maybe an extra foot after the last Victory delivery makes it here). They’re from areas I know well and wine makers that I really respect. I think I missed the warm-up lessons on the $25ish bottles of better than average Malbec.