Ginsu 10-Piece Cutlery Set

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**Item: **Ginsu 10-Piece Cutlery Set
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $12 Two-Day OR $15 One-Day
Condition: New
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Ginsu 10-Piece Cutlery Set
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard* or $12 Two-Day or *$15 One-Day
Condition: New

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[MOD: Knife Depot is a slightly different set.]

I got this set last time it was up, great knife set… so well worth the money!

Not the best set in the world, but the Santoku alone is a steak at the price…

Aren’t these the sets that rust after a couple of washings?

I have been looking at these every time they are up for sale. I do have a question for those that have purchased before. How do these feel in hand? They look like they may feel hollow. I like to feel a bit of weight in my knives.

Got this set last time it was up, about a month ago. Low expectations given the price, but they are pretty nice. Not a high-end set, but more like a $50 set for $15.

They do have a somewhat hollow feel compared to some of the premium knives we have. But, they aren’t horribly hollow, a decent set for a dollar store price. I’m happy with the purchase.

Word of warning. I have another Ginsu set from Amazon currently being shipped back. Within a week they were rusting. Not the same set but same collection. YMMV.

I have a set of Wusthof all metal knives and I reach for them last. If your hands get wet/greasy, they get very very slippery. These appear to have nothing to make the surface of the handles more grippy, you have been warned, Signed Ole 4 Fingers

I’ve had a similar set of Ginsu knives for 4.5 years now, and they are not rusted at all. You just have to hand wash and dry them immediately, and they won’t rust. It’s a small price to pay to have an inexpensive knife set that works pretty well.

mine havent, in fact mine have been amazing… sharp as hell, feel good and certainly do not feel like the price!

I bought this last time it was on sale here. The knives are decent for the price, but the block came apart after 2 months! I’m going to have to go buy some wood glue and put it back together.

The product pamphlet inside will lead you to believe there is also a tomato knife and a bread knife. There is not. There are only 8 knives, not 10.

Could be a multi-use pamphlet. Our sale lists the knives correctly.

I picked up a set for my mother-in-law’s place. She doesn’t cook so her knives are dull and old. But we have dinner once a month there… so these will do nicely, affordable but nice to look at.

Usually I feel that dull knives are more dangerous than sharp knives, but in this case, if the handles do indeed get as slippery as stated, then these are just as dangerous.

Bought this set as a holiday gift for a Yankee Swap (aka: White Elephant Gift Exchange, Evil Santa, Gift Swap, Black Santa, Chinese Gift Exchange, Dirty Santa, Secret Elephant, Greedy Punter, Thieves’ Christmas, Machiavellian Christmas, etc).

The box was plain, with no real markings, nor was there any product specific information in the box. Rather than have someone take everything out at the party, I created this to go with the gift: Not the fanciest product sheet, but just wanted to share in case someone else needs it.