Ginsu 14-Pc Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

Here’s the Amazon review.

$30.99 and possibly free shipping.

Bought this set a few months back and it has lived up to all expectations. Very durable, stays sharp.

Caution to anyone use to lightweight knives, these knives have weight! It sometimes feels unproportionate to the rest of the blade.

All in all, still highly recommended!

This is the same picture as the 8-Pc set that was on sale yesterday.

Hey, it includes the steak knives this time! As pictured! =)

edit: NEVERMIND, can’t see the exact same finish and block on Amazon.

I bought a similar set (Ginsu Kotta Series14-Piece Japanese 420J2 Stainless Steel Knife Set).
Here’s an important part from my review on Post Falls:
The hardwood block was made on such an angle that it was top-heavy with the knives installed, and we realized that removing a knife could easily tip the block forward, releasing the other knives toward the person. Therefore, I removed the rubber feet and sanded the knife block’s bottom on my 4" spindle/belt sander to make the block sit at a more vertical angle. I then reinstalled the feet and now we don’t have a problem with the block tipping forward.

glade to see full set. like the finish, bought.

I bought this set a few months back from woot. A couple thoughts.
1, some reviews said they rusted if you looked at it with water. I’ve run these through the dishwasher everyday with no issue(heated dry on).
2, They are heavy. My wife complains that they are too heavy and too sharp…it’s a knife.
3, My only complaint is all but one knife is serrated. They’re all really sharp, but I would have preferred a couple of the bigger knives to not be serrated. And the serrations are not small, all are big, waves, not tiny serrations you see on some. Again, all are really sharp, but when chopping lettuce or parsley, anything leafy, they don’t work great on the bottom layer against the cutting board.
4, one more…the edges where the handle come together in the middle, some are rough/sharp/not well finished. 2 mins with an emory board laying in the junk drawer solved that issue, but not a nice surprise.

All in all, good, sharp knife set, but doing it again, probably would have just bought some of the colorful knives and a steak set.

Complained when the smaller set was posted with the wrong picture, and now I’m buying the bigger set when it comes up with the right picture.

Never had this issue with my set of these. Maybe design change between sets. Not a problem with the set woot is selling.

The Ginsu knives have a couple major strikes against them. First every single one of them is a serrated edge. Serrated blades have their use and usefulness and all brands that sell a set that would be considered complete would have one or two but certainly not all. The reason you see mostly straight edges and a few serrated in most sets is simple. Much more of the demand for kitchen knives is served better by a straight edge. Straight edged knives are also much easier to sharpen correctly. Next, these knives are made from stamped metal rather than forged. Forged steel for a blade is superior regardless of what an advertiser states. Last, at the MSRP of 68.99 these would be a very bad deal and frankly, not all that good at the present discount. Knives are tools. The better the tool the better job they will do. Also, cheap tools are dangerous tools.

Ginsu knives will do but that is the limit, they will just make do. There are many brands out there that are far superior to these and yes they cost more but you do not have to buy a $600 set of Henkle or anywhere close to that to get a much better set of cutlery. BTW, $200 well spent is much, much better than $30 thrown away. This of course would be for anything and not just cutlery.

Actually I think that link is right. The only difference is the option for the color of the block. Here’s a link showing the two options on one page, and includes the correct product number.

I was tempted by the set yesterday until I saw they didn’t include the steak knives. Then I was almost in today, but realized it was only six steak knives. I would really prefer 8 in my next set I will purchase.
Also, I prefer my chef’s knife to be straight edged (from the pic it looks like this one is serrated). I find a straight edge better for chopping (things like peppers, onions, celery, potatoes, etc.) and it doesn’t “gap” on the cutting board. I find that I almost never use the chef’s knife in my current set because it is serrated. I reach for the straight edged one in the drawer.

Found similar sets on amazon:

Going to trust the hundreds of good reviews there and buy a set.

I have this set and it is well worth the money!! The serrated blades are really not a big deal at all. The chopping knife isn’t serrated, which is all I need when I really don’t think that I need a serrated knife. Unless you have 5 people in the kitchen all needing a knife to chop things with then one non-serrated chopping knife is all you need. The serrated edge is great for things like tomatoes.

They will rust if you let them sit in the sink with water on them. We generally wash them right away and dry them to prevent rusting. As long as you don’t let them rust they shouldn’t dull, so sharpening shouldn’t be necessary. Hence, not being able to sharpen a serrated blade becomes moot.

Genius…Thanks for the tip.

Glad to see the whole set today and am in for one :slight_smile: