Ginsu 15 Pc Stainless Knife Set

Why isn’t there a picture of the knife cutting an aluminum can?

Looks like a great set! I’ve been waiting for a set that includes steak knives. Anyone own this one?

I have this set with the black block instead of the natural wood. They first sent 2 chef knives and left the bread slicer out. Woot fixed that. Now, the knife set is complete and works great but I have noticed what looks like rust marks on the blades. For such a highly branded set I cannot say it has met my expectations. Although, for this price I guess it’s hard to beat. You can’t get a Wal-Mart special for much better price!

I bought a 4 Piece ginsu knife set from woot about 8 months ago. I have been very pleased with the knives and they have stayed pretty sharp over this last year. My only complaint was I didn’t have enough different types of knives. I’m sure a knife expert would scoff at these knives, but if you’re just looking for an entry level knife set you can’t go wrong with ginsu, Especially at this price.

Definitely considering an upgrade.

seems to have great reviews on amazon, plus it sells for $66 there.

Amazon Link

[MOD: Slightly different set. That’s Model 4816. Ours is 4819]

I’m also looking to buy, anyone who owns this have any imput?


Shouldn’t this be ergonomically?

[MOD: Hmmmmm, could be. I’ll send it in. Stay tuned.]

Amazon has some reviews talking about rusty knives after a month of use. (16 piece set but same knives just no cleaver)

Got these knifes, have had them for 2+ years. You have to hand wash or use Barkeeper’s Friend to avoid rust. Otherwise, they’re great.

edit: the shears that came with it were crappy and fell apart a few months in. I bought another pair at Target, which fits in the block.

This is a nice set. However, we have the 14 piece set (04826), which doesn’t include the 8" bread knife, which isn’t a necessity for us. The block had a tendency to tip forward when a knife was removed, making it dangerous, as knives would fall out if the block wasn’t held with one hand while removing any knife with the other hand. I cut and sanded the bottom of the base and replaced the foot pads after sanding so the whole block would stand more vertical, making it safer to use.

The Ginsu Knife Set is a VERY attractive and VERY affordable knife set. My wife and I shopped knives for a while and no doubt a really good knife set is going to run upwards of $500. For the price, the Ginsu knives are attractive and handle just fine.

IF you want a set a knives that you can place in the dishwasher and not be concerned about the abrasiveness of dishwasher detergents, you’re going to have to pay for them!

If you DON’T want your Ginsu knives to rust, hand wash with a mild soap and towel dry, regardless of what is advertised by the manufacturer. It’s that simple.

I own this set. We have horrible water here so we do not put them in the dishwasher. Just rinse soap rinse and dry so that no rusting occurs. Have had the knives for about a year and a half. Just recently bought a whetstone to sharpen them (every knife needs it once a year in my opinion). Now they are as good as new. Make sure you “steel”/“hone” them before every use so that the microscopic teeth on the blade will be straight. I learned how to sharpen and hone on youtube.

Steak knives are good with no problems.

The best knife is the clever. It has good balance.

We don’t use serrated knives so those are untouched, along with the scissors.

Only complaint, but is typical, is the bamboo is stripping off where you repeatedly insert the knives you highly use.

I have a very similar set (black handles not steel) I got a few years back from Woot. They’re nothing special, being a standard cheap knife set, but they perform their basic function admirably. They make a great core utility set, and you can supplement with single good knives over time.

I’ve had none of the rusting issues I’ve heard elsewhere, that’s with three years of Dishwashers and abuse.

Dang, this deal kinda looks better than a previous Woot that I got a few months ago which is only 8 piece without steak knives and yet this one’s $25 cheaper.

I guess the extra style costs a bit more? Or is the ‘Shoku’ version of Ginsu better?

“In Japan, the hand can be used like a knife. But this method doesn’t work with a tomato”

Yes, it should. Good catch.

This is certainly a very attractive price. The problem with knife sets in general is that you get a bunch of knives that you don’t necessarily have a use for, or lots of knives that do essentially the same thing.

In this case the chef knife, slicer, santoku and large utility knife are so similar to one another that you might not really need all of them. In fact, you might also include the bread knife in this list, since they are all serrated (except, it seems, the santoku) - you can see that the bread knife and the slicer differ only slightly in shape.

The serrations are another point to consider very carefully. Serrated knives act more like saws than sharp blades. This provides an advantage when cutting bread or hard-skinned fruit, but is not particularly necessary for most everyday food prep tasks. Serrations tear rather than cutting, which can make a mess of meat, fish, and more delicate fruits and vegetables. I can’t imagine that it would be pleasant to mince herbs, ginger or garlic with a serrated knife.

The claim that these knives never need sharpening is doubtless true, since serrated edges are extremely durable and can be used even when they are dull. But they never get particularly sharp to begin with.

For $30 I would consider getting one good knife, for instance the universally beloved Victorinox/Forschner 8" chef’s knife. You can prepare almost anything with an 8" chef knife, a bread knife and a paring knife.

That said, if you live with roommates who are likely to abuse your knives, or if you want a cheap set of steak knives, this might be a great option.

I have a recipe that calls for clawhammer filings, halved frozen boxes of vegetables, and non-squished tomato slices. These should do perfect.

And for presentation, you can serve the food in can halves that are turned into bowls.

Are these Hatori Hanzo Knives?