Ginsu 15-Piece Stainless Knife Set

It’s gotta be good, it was on TV!

I got this set last year for Christmas, not from woot, but has been a pretty solid set so far.

I have cut myself several times just touching the blade with my fingers, not even cutting.

Chop Chop… But seriously… Is this any good?

I can’t believe I missed out on the Dyson Vac. I really wanted one.

Bought this last week, they are GREAT! Very Sharp and very nice!

This will make a nice and inexpensive house warming gift.

Bought these a little while back on WOOT and they have been very good. They are fairly heavy and very sharp. I would recommend especially for the price. I’m thinking about buying these for a gift for someone.

Does anyone know if these are dishwasher safe? May have just missed reading it

They are dishwasher safe, BUT I don’t recommend it. Some people seem to have developed some rusting issues after about a year of washing in a dishwasher. If you take the dishwasher out of the equation, you shouldn’t have to worry about any rusting.

I read in an Amazon review that if you use them in the dishwasher they might develop rust spots.

Thanks, I just noticed the “handwashing recommended” note on the description.

I also bought mine last week and have been very pleased, the are super sharp and must I say they look awesome on my counter. As for durability, I’ve heard nothing but good things about these. They claim to be dishwasher safe but I read some reviews that say they started rusting when washed repeatedly in the dishwasher. I personally don’t mind handwashing and drying my knifes after I use them, I want to take care of these. (However, if they do rust the company will replace them - by piece - for a small fee.)

why can everyday silverware be put in the dishwasher forever but the sharp knives immediately rust?

$49.99 on Newegg (free shipping) in for one!

Also got a set last week… Very nice set of knives. We have a vacation house where the knives are all in horrible shape… been meaning to get a replacement set.

I have a J.A. Henkles set that has half the knives and cost twice as much at home… I wasn’t expecting to, but I’m going to keep these Ginsu knives at home and send the Henkles to the vacation home. They are heavier, more sturdy, and sharper.

Decent - Great for the price - They are all serated except for one, which is a pretty great knife. I literally only use the Chef’s Knife and the Santoku(whatever its called)

In for 1! Just moved, we don’t have a good knife set, and my housemate and I like to cook a lot.

I got these a while back. They’re pretty decent for me and probably most people who likes to cook (but not someone really serious about kitchen knives). They look nice, and have a pretty good feel. They were super sharp when new and they’ve stayed pretty sharp after… probably over a year of use. I don’t recall exactly when I got them.

If you don’t have a good knife set and are not looking to go high end, this is probably a good buy.

Knives with metal handles give me the willies. Would buy these if they had different handles!

They are made with high carbon steel, which when exposed to moisture the carbon rusts.

You really aren’t supposed to dishwash a lot of things, non-stick pans, nice knives, certain ice cream scoops.