Ginsu 15-Piece Stainless Knife Set

Slicing since 1978 - I’m in!

I was also told that they bump up against other silverware if put in the basket, which can cause dulling faster - along with the potential rusting issue. Not sure if this is true for Ginsu brand though

To stay sharp, sharp knives have to be made of hard steel. Common tableware can be made of much softer material. There is a trade off between a number of properties when making knives: harder materials can be sharpened to a finer edge and hold the edge longer, but can be more brittle and/or susceptible to rust or corrosion. Adding chromium to steel makes it resistant to rust and corrosion (stainless steel), but softer.

If you’ve ever worked in a kitchen, it’s just a standard that you don’t put knives in a dishwasher. Take care of your knives and your knives will take care of you. : )

Bought these last week, great buy! Very heavy, solid handles.

Rust = Iron Oxide.

Carbon can oxidize into Carbon Dioxide CO2, Methane CH4, Glucose C6H12O6… but Carbon cannot rust.

Rust … Fe2O3… has nothing to do with Carbon.

For anyone reading this…

Steel is not a pure compound. Carbon is present in steel, and the higher % carbon, the harder the steel. A good metal file from your garage is some of the hardest steel that most people will ever see, and that stuff rusts overnight. Chromium is added to make something “stainless” to prevent hard steel from rusting. I think steel has to have 13% chromium to be called stainless.

The iron in steel oxidizes, making the rust. it’s just that the higher carbon % in steel, the easier it is to rust.