Ginsu 2-Piece Stainless Carving Set

I got three sets in a previous woot and they are incredible.

I was shocked by the weight of the set. They arent cheap and prone to bending like you would imagine.

I’m half tempted to get three more for gifts.

“I got three sets in a previous woot and they are incredible.”
Oh now you did it - in for 3 sets to add to my “gift closet”.
Thanks for the review

Since I already have $5 shipping unlocked, might as well order everything in sight :slight_smile:

That’s the problem I’m having. $4 and free shipping because I bought the storage containers earlier… can’t really go wrong!

That’s not a knife! This is a knife!

Im also in for 3 more! Thanks Woot!

I bought three of these a few weeks ago and couldn’t be happier. They feel really solid in your hand. As one the of the previous wooters stated, they are much heavier than you would expect (this is a good thing) and clean up very easily. I gave one set to a friend who is really liking them as well.

By the way, these are genuine Ginsu knives.

These really are awesome like everyone is saying. Just wanted to add they do just fine in the dishwasher too.

Well it says handwash only, so I would expect rust spots or other blemishing from the dishwasher.

Gads, me too. In for one.

Mine have been through the dishwasher with no problems. I have steak knives exactly like these and I’ve had them for years so they’ve had plenty of chances to rust or blemish and have not!

This carving knife is about as sharp as a dull lightbulb. There is absolutely no edge to this knife.