Ginsu 4-Piece Steak Knife Set - 3 Colors



Previosly Sold On 12/11/2012 for $19.99 (Woot-Off)



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The blurb reads “serrated edges”, but the photos look like straight edges. Which is it? I never bought a Ginsu because of the low-rent serrations and the 420 steel, but if only half of that’s inlay, at $5/knife this could be okay.


Where (what country) are these made? And please don’t answer unless you know. Too much is made in China, but not “everything.”


Checked and it’s not serrated. The features will be updated in just a moment. Thanks for catching that.


Some people think that steak knives need to be serrated. I am here to tell you that straight edge knives will need to be resharpened more often because they will become dull on use with plates, but ultimately will last longer and cut a steak like butter.


Unless you really want some multicolored tomfoolery I suggest the Black equivalents for only around $8 more on amazon.


I bought the block about a month-ish ago that had these in it.

They are made in China. The headquarters for the company is in Walnut Ridge, AR.

They are also the sharpest dang things I’ve ever seen. Rinse off right after use, and dry immediately (from what I’ve read). Not dishwasher safe.

Seriously awesome knives though. We got them as a cheap alternative until we (hopefully) get a Henckel set from our registry… and the other day, we said that honestly, we’d be fine with keeping these knives around for a long time. The bright colors are fun, too.


China, according to the paper that came with my block that included these knives. They’re really great knives though.


Perfect, I have been looking for something to cut through all of my aluminum cans, according to the commercials this is exactly what I need!!!


Thanks for the country of origin responses. I think I’ll wait.


Um…those are $28…not $8


28 - 20 = 8. Note the “more.”


We got one of those ~14-piece bargain-price Ginsu knife sets a year or two back. We use the steak knives A LOT for the usual cooking prep as well as cutting meat. They have a nice feel to them when you’re using them, and are wondrously sharp, even after heavy use. If we needed more steak knives, I’d be in for a couple of sets of these.


Can these be used on things other than steak? I know we already have aluminum cans covered.


I guess someone could try a reinactment of this Real Actual Field Test.

NOTE: Woot assumes no responsibility for the lost of Woot monkey, screaming of Woot monkey, or parts of your body should you try this. We recommend cut resistant gloves (not included).


tt…my screaming monkeys are all in hiding.



Bought these last time they were offered. Straight edge, sharp, nice set for $20. You will however, need to dry them immed after you wash them or the handles get pretty cruddy. After a couple of times of using them and just throwing them in the sink the handles on mine got pitted and developed white spots. That reminds me these handles look great in the photos, I remember opening my set and thinking oh they looked better/higher quality in the picture than they do in my hand. The blade is good tho and thats ok with me if you want the cosmetic aspect pass on these even at only $20.