Ginsu 4-Piece Steak Knife Set - 3 Colors

They don’t look serrated…?
It’s a steak knife.

OK, Are the Lotus ones the blue ones? Coral: Orangeish? Wasabi: whatever that one is?

Pardon my ignorance.

Yes, that is correct.

Thanks schmarkey.

What the hell colors are these? :stuck_out_tongue:

Could someone help me here? I’m colorblind, which ones are the bottom ones? My sis wants the reddish colored ones. Thanks!

It will even cut through steak!

Wasabi should be the green, Coral should be the blue and the other one is the red.

This set should be Ginsu 5828 on Amazon.

Get the coral ones, they’re reddish

Thank you for your help, I’m in for one with your help!

Wait a minute, hold the phone, I could be wrong here

Ok, this is confusing enuff without being colorblind!