Ginsu 8-Piece Magnetic Strip Knife Set

Hey, woot’s bringing the sexy with the new design.

200 dollars over at HSN

Ginsu Website The site is crappy so you have to wait for it to load, click ginsu cutlery, and then it’s right there.

As low as 87.66 on Amazon, reviews seem pretty good.

I got these last time, with the block instead of the magnetic strip. I’ve been very happy with them, and would highly recommend them.

Bought them in green from a recent woot! and really like them. Only $10 more for the magnetic strip than I paid for the block… kinda wish I had waited/

Is the black Ebony, I assume so but didn’t see in description maybe I read too fast.

Just so you get this straight, It’s a Rhode Island Company selling Knives made in China using Japanese Steel.

Here is a video Review You just have to scroll down to the second review to see it.

People complemented the ergonomic design so it’s good to grip despite the material being a tad slippery.

Overall This is a great set for the money. The knives are super sharp, and you have that lifetime ginsu warranty. It seems like this would be a great entry level cutlery set that will last you up until you’re ready to upgrade to something a little more professional.

The reviews I read all ranged from 3-5 with no 1 or 2 star reviews.

I love these in blue. Not in our budget for the week though after unexpected pet expenses. :frowning:

By process of elimination, yes.

Pear = Green (can confirm as I bought this)

Sky = Blue (considered buying this last time and remember the labeled pic)

Crimson = Red (because that’s what the word means)

Eggplant = Purple (because that vegetable is that color)


Ebony = Black

Hope the pet in question is OK.

She is, thanks! I’ll take her over a set of knives anyday. :slight_smile:

Yeah I thought so, but I ordered Ebony before and was given a dark blue product.


I liked Ginsu when it was made in the USA. I will not buy Ginsu made in China. I have no interest in supporting the evil empire.

Yes, Ebony is black.

UPDATE: They’re changing the order of the photos to match the list in the dropdown for Color. Hope that helps.

Own these knives. They’re amazing. Totally worth the price. They’re sharp and stylish. I got them in the block last time they were offered here.

I’m not one of the guys who found the handle slippery. It fit comfortably in my hand.

I’m moving out into an apartment soon and am curious, does anyone knows how the strip mounts to the wall and if it would be rental friendly?


I was actually hoping to see this with the magnetic strip after I missed the previous one with the block. Good thing I was up late (early) working. Plus I got a look at the new Woot layout. Fancy. Hope I get used to it.

+1 to this question, same predicament as me :slight_smile:

I have to agree with the American made pledge… I just had to buy this product when it came in the block though. It was a great “entry-level” set for me to get as I didn’t want to spend $400 on a nice set made in the USA. Though I will eventually drop a larger amount on a “big-boy” set down the road, this set does the job.

That being said, anyone who needs a knife set, not wanting to spend an arm and a leg… get this one. While yes, it is not US made, it is one KICK-ASS set. I purchased the set which was sold a few weeks back in the block and have been impressed by the performance ever since. Caring for your knives is very important as well! Make sure you sharpen the CRAP out of them when you first get 'em. Yes, they come sharpened from the factory… but I like to be able to drop a sheet of paper on it, and watch it fall to pieces.