Ginsu 8-Piece Stainless Cutlery Set



Wrong photo again WOOT. That is not an 8 piece set pictured.


was going to buy it, but picture is wrong. good thing i read the specs, i need new steak knives which this item has 0


umm, call me crazy but the knife set in the photo clearly has more than 8 pieces.


It shows the steak knives, yet the description does NOT seem to indicate they are included.


I’d be IN if the item was actually the one pictured…


Yep. I got all excited too. Until I read the specs. Maybe the next item is the steak knives? I am not giving a half empty wood block as a gift.


Counting is hard


Woot, I’m in for 1 if you can give me the one pictured.


The actual knives I do believe.


oh great.


Was thinking the same thing. I need some steak knifes too… thought it’d be a nice cheap option but oh well, glad I was paying attention to more than the picture.


That’s still not a bad deal without the steak knives, but I would really love one with the knives included.


can I cut cans, rocks, and tomatoes with these ?


Only needed the steak knives. FAIL.


Hey Woot admins, which is correct, the image, or the description?


Picture is Deceiving!


What kind of sorcery is this :nilly:


I guess they don’t care about the RMA nightmare this might cause.


I bought the 14 piece (as stated in the description) a while back and they sent me the 8 piece.
Apparently counting is hard for Woot.