Ginsu Kotta 10-Piece Cutlery Set - Black

**Item: **Ginsu Kotta 10-Piece Cutlery Set - Black
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Condition: New

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I’ll wait for more!

Does Woot take amazon gift cards for payment? (I’ve found the answer: NO).

ETA: What is the deal with shipping multiple orders for a single fee? Is that still available?

A better set - 2 more steak knives, a 7" Santoku, and a wood block - is $5 more on Amazon.

No idea on the steel-type, but comments indicate they can be dishwashed.

Does it still cut through a can?

And what about the unique spiral slicer?


It’s $5 shipping per cart checkout. You can have multiple items in your cart. It is no longer $5 shipping per day. If you checkout then want to purchase something later, it will be another $5 for shipping.

I believe that’s how it works - someone correct me if I’m wrong?

I haven’t bought multiple items from wo0t since they got rid of the “promotional” $5 per day all you can ship.

You are correct. Thank you for helping out!

Looks like those have a rusting problem.

Anyone know if these will rust?

The photo shows black handles in one, and stainless steel handles in the other. Which is it?

Are you saying I deserve a quality post? Also, is that running poop in your signature?

It’s running Crap.

And sure, I’ll give you a quality post.

They’re actually the same. The first picture is just showing more shadow. It’s a black block with stainless knives.

Sorry for the confusion.

Well, that’s very wo0terific of you!

I hope your crap gets to where it’s going.