Giornata Il Campo Red Blend (6)

Giornata Il Campo Red Blend 6-Pack
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2011 Il Campo "Inspired by Italy, Made in California’’ Red Blend, Central Coast
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1/21/13 (2010)

Welcome back Brian.
Can you tell us how this differs from your earlier 2010 offer included in the mix from April of 12?
Price point is much nicer!

Now that you guys are shipping to michigan again, would love to hear more about the flavor profile and the aging potential.
This wine looks interesting

How long did it take to get shipping returned? I am ready to just give up on wine woot…
sincerely, Wisconsin.

Still have one or two of the 2010 from Of course that was back in the day when there was shipping to TN [sigh]. 'Tis a good wine, would expect the same out of the 2011.



I want to say about 3 - 4 months,
Luckily for me though(knock on wood), WTSO still shipped to Michigan
I have been getting my wine from them.
Which was nice cuz they put up alot of European wines I have never tried
But I checked winewoot from time to time to see if shipping was back, and now here it is!
Hopefully WTSO can help you in these dark times

The composition is similar as both contain about 50% sangiovese. The 2011 has a new sangiovese vineyard however along with Luna Matta and Whitehawk. The profile of the wine however should be fairly consistent between the 2. Last time I tried the 2 together I would say that the oak profile is a bit less on the 2011.

+1 for Missouri. Flood gates have just shut the last 3-4 months.

Our il campo is a wine made to emulate the great table reds that exist all over Italy. The wine is juicy and fresh and works well with typical Italian American cuisine. It stands up to spicy stuff well. We consider this our pizza wine. All the components of this wine are made on a very small scale and most are leftovers from our more expensive wines. Blending is done to guide the profile to a style consistent with our vision. This is our personal house wine that we drink on a fairly regular basis, maybe even tonight.

The fruit leans toward cherry and blackberry but some complexity and intensity of tannin exist as well.

We do not make this wine specifically to age, but it should hold up fine for a few years.

Thank you for that. Luckily TN is one of the states where we sell our wine. Ask any of the better retailers in the Nashville area and they should have our wine. Many great restaurants feature us too. Check out City House for one. I know woot has killer pricing though.

Anybody know the pH?

We are going to check the records, but I would guess around 3.5 based on the components. The acid is pretty zippy, but the #1 thing we strive for is balance.

This was one of my first Woots way back when Va was on the list. I remember it as a bright, tart forward wine with a great tannic finish. I enjoyed it more after it opened up later and the tartness calmed down. It was a very enjoyable evening sipper that lasted me over 3 evenings. I am still holding the Giornata gemellaia as a special treat for myself!!

Thanks Brian. Nashville is a couple hours drive northwest of where we are, but next time we’re up there I’ll check it out. And yes, hard to beat woot pricing. :slight_smile:

Another note on this- I check pH pretty seriously at harvest as picking with acidity is one of my biggest keys. After that however pH is less of a concern. I don’t acidulate my wines prior to bottling so the way I see it testing the pH doesn’t matter. I use my palate to blend to what I deem to be the right balance.

I do see however why you would care about the #. If we can’t find it just assume this will be more on the acidic side for Paso Robles. We are emulating our favorite Italian wines.

Glad you liked the wine. The acid actually protects the wine and allows it to remain fresh for several nights. It also helps with aging. I sure hope you like the Gemellaia.

Sorry about the VA shipping, but you should be able to find our wine in DC and VA. We don’t ship tons there, but seem to be represented in some nice shops and restaurants.

In for 1 and thanks for responding!

Just as a side question. Do you chaptalize your must, or do you get the brix you want over there in sunny CA? I pressed both Traminette and Kay Gray’s here in the Niagara region for me and some friend’s, but they never reach the target brix in this area.