Gioteck Sound Activated Stagelight

do these work with raves

Here it is at Amazon

it says it’s wireless, so i assume you’d have to have the volume up fairly loud for it to react properly?

So, do they flash in time with the music?

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Woot gave us a link in action
Click to see it in action!

I think I might buy 3 =D
Just what I need for the kids VBS…

maybe they can pick up the hum of my 12 sets of woot lights and add some new flavor to the f5 party

thanks, Woot.
I just lost The Game.

Can this be installed in a car? Cause I got a sick system with neon lights and this would go great with it. Does this have a wall plug?

Hmmmmm, possibly Christmas gifts for the grand kids? What ya think?

ah well. for $3.99 total, i couldn’t resist. (used a coupon from the birthday lights…thanks woot!)

Just realized it’s for ps3/xbox 360 and the wii…
any ideas to hook it up to the pc? or just simply use it without anything hooked onto it?

*** Not much it says “compatible”
Man I need to learn how to read…

The description says it runs off of 4 AA batteries. No wall plug. Would be perfectly portable for your car, it seems.

In for 3.

This is the kind of weird, cheap electronic crap I love woot so much for.

2 will stay in the closet until Christmas. My nephews look forward to weird gifts from me. :slight_smile:

bought 3, hopefully the kids like em :wink:

a bit off topic, but did anyone else get redirected through the old “sellout to the man” yahoo link? that was weird…

Amateur video: Gioteck Stagelight Review

Action Video

I snagged one because I already have the 360 Stage Kit. Also used my $5 coupon to make this just $4! Hoping that I can blind onlookers when I have this along with the Stage Kit on at the same time. :slight_smile:

Thanks Woot!

They’re just suggesting using it while playing games. It is a portable device that runs on batteries and simply picks up sounds and blinks with them depending on how loud the sound gets.