Giraffe Knife Set



I don’t know why this product makes me angry every time I see it. It’s only appropriate if you’re cutting up giraffe meat.


Was messing around at a mall the other day waiting for my wife to get done shopping, and I came across these Kuhn Rikon knifes and I took it out of the sheath. Instantly you can feel the quality of what appears to be a solid tang through the handle, and they have a good weight to it. Not too heavy, not too light, rather just right. That one paring knife was 9.99. This is a good deal.


My wife looks at Woot with me every night and she agrees with you! At least the zebra print knives are gone! Right?


These sell for $40 else where. Reviews indicate the non-stick coating doesn’t come off the knife.


So they have a knife set for Imgurians huh I might need one of these


I think of it as the giraffes getting their sweet, sweet revenge on the rest of the animal kingdom.


In fairness past Wooters say these are sharp and fairly prices if you need new animal print knives. Just don’t set them down on the giraffe carcass you are butchering because you will never be able to find them again.


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: these are great knives. So says my mom (a chef) and me (…I can make toast).
They are surprisingly sharp. No peeling of the design, and we’ve had ours for months and months, and they are used daily. Dishwashed with no problems.
Love these knives.


Looks more like a BACON pattern to me!


I don’t have the giraffe print ones, but I do have the zebra print ones… two sets’ worth. I find I use the paring knife and the santoku-type blade most often. The cleaver, not so much.

They are very sharp, and they hold their edge well provided that you’re not constantly chopping really hard things like raw sweet potatoes or carrots, etc. If you’re doing regular kitchen stuff, and you’re not slamming that blade down on the cutting board, they’ll be just fine.

The print doesn’t come off. (I’m still undecided as to whether or not that’s a good thing.) They do wash well in the machine, and they do their job.

So if you can get beyond the fact that it has giraffe print on it, I’d say buy 'em.


Here is a size comparison, these things are smaller than woot makes them look.

Obligatory sharp knife story.


Giraffes were long thought to be silent, it was only recently discovered they made any noise at all and we can not hear it.




(1) Kuhn Rikon Cutlery Set
• (1) 6” Chef’s Knife
• (1) 4” Paring Knife
• (1) Mini Cleaver Knife
• (3) Knife Sheaths


I bought a set earlier and the chefs in the family thought they were too cute to be taken seriously. After a several slices and a bandage or two they began showing the proper respect.
I never thought of giraffes as being particularly sharp, but there ya go!


I own two sets of these knives from a Woot offering many months ago. My expectations were that I would use the knives from first set and throw each one away when it became dull.
No siree.
I’ve resharpened each knife as needed and they have performed beautifully.
Very much worth the money.


Cheap junk, handles are not only cheap plastic but very slippery. They lose their “sharpness” very quickly. And with the patterns they can be difficult to see dirt on the blades.




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