Giraffe Knife Set


These knives are awesome! I have the giraffe and the leopard print.


So when cutting giraffe meat, do you go with or against the grain?

Is giraffe better braised or roasted, or does it depend on the cut?


My Sharp Knife Story:

I have the zebra print knives. I can confirm their sharpness. For Mother’s Day I got: a trip to the ER, 4 stitches in my hand, and a tetanus shot to boot. (I won’t post the picture) The knife slipped and I didn’t even feel it cut me. The spurting blood was my first clue that something had gone horribly wrong.

Been using these knives for months. They go in the dishwasher every day. Still just as sharp and zebra-printy as the day I got them.


The adage, “you cut yourself more with a dull knife”, only applies after learning how to cut without your fingers being in the way. After that, sharp knives are much easier to control/use, which minimizes mistakes caused by trying to force the knife through things.


I also think these are great knives. The cleaver is cute but not very useful, and $10 is the lowest I’ve seen these here.

It seems that they just can’t get rid of the giraffe print. It is kind of a ridiculous look for anyone who hasn’t fashioned their kitchen after Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

But these knives have sheaths, which means you can put them in a drawer and not have to look at them when you’re not using them. Heck, you don’t have to look at them when you ARE using them. . . that might be bad, though, if you enjoy having fingers.


I love these knives, but I don’t have this particular set so I am missing the mini cleaver. Sounds like that is the least useful of all, but at this price I’m considering getting a set. My set came with a stand so it doesn’t have the sheaths, these make good portable knives too.


I bought this set in a different print from a Woot sale not that long ago and was pleasantly surprised. Like others are saying they are really sharp. I may buy this one today to have an extra set because they are so nice and now are our go to knife in the kitchen. Really love them and am glad to hear people have sharpened them with no loss of the design.


Love the name, one of my fave songs.


the mini cleaver is actually really good for vegetables and anything that you’re going to be doing a lot of chopping with. it will still be extremely sharp and you will save your chef’s knife by not constantly banging it against a cutting board.


Damn you! Kinda what I was thinking I’d use it for - now I’m definitely in for a set!


Thanks :3 Modest Mouse has been one of my favorite bands for almost 10 years now. Always nice to meet another MM Fan.


I bought these as a gift for my wife. I was was expecting them to be crappy but was pleasantly surprised at how sharp and balanced they were. They should have come with a giraffe knife sharpener as well but that’s asking a lot considering how good the deal is to begin with.


These look really great, but I’ve already outsourced all of my giraffe taxidermy work.


I have the leopard print version of these. They lose their edge quickly but sharpen up nicely using the sharpener set (also bought of woot!)

Overall its a good deal.


This is why you get a sharpener


Are these real giraffe skin or imitation?


Will they cut a Mac?


There’s more than 1 way to skin a giraffe!


Ordered my giraffe-skinning blades Thursdays an hour after they were put up for sale. I splurged and went with the 1-day shipping to have in time for a house warming party for a girl who I’m all like “Yeahh!!” about.

It’s 6:30 and I have no knives and no shipping number. Looks like I’ll be that lame guy who is actually telling the truth when he says, “It’s in the mail.”

Thanks for nuttin’, woot!


Aw man. We’re sorry about that. The item has been shipped, but not as fast as we (or you) intended. The shipping cost has been refunded in full, and I’ve sent you a PM with the tracking number. Be sure and tell the girl that it was our fault. You were totally thoughtful and awesome! Show her this response for proof! Sorry again!