Giraffe Knife Set

I hope no Giraffes were harmed in tha making of these knives…

Seeing these knives makes me happy I bought the Ginsu set earlier. Thanks for making me feel good Woot.

I had a little difficulty cutting through the bones of the Giraffes- but I was able to easily cut through the flesh of the giraffes at my local zoo using these knives.

Because secretly, you’ve always wanted cutlery that looks like Serengeti animals.

i bought 3 a few months ago and think i paid mored. gave 2 away and kept 1. they’re really goods; just bought 2 more for gifts.

Got the zebra knives a few months ago on Woot. The best knives I’ve ever had. Very sharp and maintain that edge a long time. Very, very happy with them. Best knives I’ve ever bought In over 55 years.

always heard good things about this brand. every knife they sell has 4+ star reviews on amazon.

So ugly but they work great.

They also cut deeply through fingers before realizing you cut yourself so be careful!

I bought a similar set a year ago - LOVE THEM! Best knives I’ve ever had.

Hey Woot…why is there now tax being charged based on the combined cost of the item AND shipping? Shouldn’t tax just be on the item cost?

Make sure you pick up the band-aids on kids woot in case you cut yourself with these.

That’s great, knives that look like toys so your kids will want to play with them.

Does this come in Elephant?

I bought these last time they were on woot and sliced my roommate’s finger to the bone. Not on purpose or anything but yeh, hey these knives cut pretty well.

At least you should have bandages for them that they will love after they hack off a limb.