Giraffe Knife Set



So how sharp are these? Decently sharp at least?


This will look great with the Paula Dean Pig cutting board


I bought these in the zebra patter a couple months back, and they’re the sharpest cooking knives I’ve ever used. Kuhn Rikon is really good quality, despite the silly animal print.


I was using one last night to peel some carrots, barely grazed my finger, but got a good stab in. I’d say they’re pretty sharp. I ordered two more sets to keep for later/give as gifts even though I already have two sets at home (one in leopard, one in giraffe).


hey thats only 4 bucks a knife

Im down for 1


I’m in for a set, too.

They used to sell these on QVC and the reviews were excellent.


These knives are TINY. The cleaver is completely useless, it’s about the size of your hand including the handle and blade.


Knives are tools and as far as tools go, these I am sorry to say, are crap. They are basically ‘throw aways’. When there useful life ends, which will be soon, you throw them away. It all depends on what you are looking for. Plastic utensils work great at KFC but it is not what you have in your kitchen drawer (I hope) and in comparison to good cutlery these are very low, very low end. If you want them for yourself fine, but don’t give them as a gift. :frowning:


As far as I know, these knives aren’t plastic, and they got excellent reviews on Amazon and QVC. Do you own these knives or are you just judging them by the photo?

Here is a link to the QVC reviews:


Grrrr… Bought two sets a couple of Woot-offs ago - one for me, one for a sister. After warnings that the knives were SHARP, she still subliminally insisted on testing on her finger.

Knife 1
Finger 0

The “grrrr” is because I was away from my PC when these came on, and I would have purchases another 2 or 3 sets at that price.