Give My Reg-Arts To Broadway

The movie is The Rocky Horror Picture Show the stage show based on the movie is The Rocky Horror Show.

Kind of wish there was an unframed version. There are several I want, but I prefer to frame them myself.

Actually, the movie was adapted from the stage show, not the other way around. As a fellow pedant, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the correction. :wink:

Is this how much reproduction posters usually cost? Unless that’s a unusually nice poster frame, even at the “deal” price, these seem rather steep.

Wicked = $16.48 + shipping

According to the description this item is 14" x 22", which makes it a window card. A standard, unframed theatrical poster (called a one sheet) is 27" x 40" - almost four times the size of this item. For reference, lay four sheets of standard printer paper (US) on a table in a 2x2 pattern; this framed card is three inches NARROWER.
$73 is way too much to pay for this tiny thing.

Is the size of 14x22 correct? That is no way the size depicted in the picture of them hanging on the wall?

Nahhhhh…It’s just a really small room.