Give These Sunglasses Tumi

Can anyone tell me if the Tumi Bolte Blue Tortoise sunglasses have polarized lenses? The same style in a different color do. I need non-polarized lenses because I can’t see my computer screen at work with polarized lenses.

We’re pretty good at noting when lenses are polarized so I’m gonna go with no.

The title and picture for these shades is for the “Akinado” model, but the description and Specifications are for something called Bolte Blue. Can you please clarify or correct?

I’ve sent an email asking for corrections.

UPDATE: The specs on the specs have been updated.

I have the Akinada, the description is wrong, the frame is NOT acetate, it’s aluminum, the nodepads are adjustable, you can bend the pads inward to make the bridge narrower, the pads are covered with a rubber skin which I like, keeps the glasses on the node.

Do the frames come with glass? It doesn’t seem to be +1.25 reading at all but does that mean they are clear +0 or empty?

The pictures of Tumi T304 Grey and Tumi T304 Grey AF are the same. I believe their nose pads are different from each other.

Because of this error, I wished to change the order, which has not yet shipped, from “Tumi T304 Grey” to the AF mode.

Woot blames the supplier for this and ask the customer to deal with the supplier, refusing to change the order.

Just out of curiosity, is this normal biz from Woot that I have to expect?

I think the pictures for Tumi T108 Brown and Tumi T108 Silver are wrong…

I’m curious if these are real Sunglasses. since I can’t find any description of the rating on UVA/UVB protection. anyone knows about it?