Give Till It Hurts

Cute, but not funny enuf to buy…

Is it bad that I came to the comments section to understand what the joke of the shirt was?

Boring Fonts

i like it but i dont think i could actually wear it.

This shirt can also be interpreted as a great “That’s what she said” joke.

I’m sitting at my computer at 1:00 am, nobody is around, the entire house is asleep and this shirt actually makes me lol. This will be the simplest design that i’ve ever bought.

Here I thought shirt.woot was meant for artists to show off their work… not to promote some cause that many people don’t agree with.

First sucker! Woot!

Blonde here. Is it funny because the <3 is missing? Like the heart has been donated or something?

Thank you for giving me an easy-to-follow diagram! It helps during these rough economic times!

Actually had been meaning to sign up as an organ donor… this reminded me to finally do it. Great shirt

This is kind of funny, but to most people around you it will look like a plain text, plain white tee. It could use something else, like maybe a trail of blood drips leading to a organ cooler.

I really like this shirt. Unfortunately, I haven’t donated any organs (willingly at least). I feel like people would judge me for not donating organs and still wearing this shirt. =/

PLEASE tell me you’re joking.

I laughed. I considered buying but it’s just a little too plain I think. I’ll wait til tomorrow to make my final decision.

Oh, I get it! It’s supposed to mean “I kidney organ donation”!


No, I’m very much not. I don’t approve of organ donation, nor do I really find the “joke” that amusing. I come here to purchase shirts with interesting or amusing art, not to have someone’s personal agenda shoved in my face.

what kind of person would disagree with organ donation?

i get it now! Excellent!

Funny… but not 10 bucks funny.