Give Us Your Money, We'll Give You Armani

So are you an Aviator or a Navigator kind?

I guess you can call this…

(••) ( ••)>⌐□-□ (⌐□_□)

an Armani Exchange

Armani on Woot?! Impressive!

Does anyone know if these lenses are polarized? I can’t find anything online if they are or not.

are they unisex?

Here I just bought Rayban Caravans… but that said, if you want this style, you should also look at American Optical glasses which are normally <$50 and of superior quality. (They were made for the US Air Force)

Why does the Lt Gold w/white, bring up the page for LtGold w/black when you click on it?

Buyer Beware, I’ve purchased Armani Exchange sunglasses from a large department store before while on vacation and they didn’t last the vacation. They were the aviators and they were only $30.

Where are these MADE? China? Or Italy?

Are these 3D compatible?

According to other sites (e.g. FramesDirect – , they are made in Italy.

Of course the two I would purchase are already sold out. What was there 3 units in stock of each???

Woot, some temple measurements would be helpful on sunglasses pleeeeze.

Are these for women or men?

Looking them up on Amazon, where they are 79.00 btw, it looks like the brown and black are female and the rest are unisex.

I have definitely purchased the aviators at Nordstrom Rack for $30<

You must have gotten a really good sale. Nordstrom currently has them for lowest at 60.00.

Also, under the spec tab it says unisex.

Those are not the same as Emporio Armani. A|X is Armani’s “Wal-Mart” brand.

And they are more expensive than these. So these look like a pretty good deal.