Give Us Your Money, We'll Give You Armani

there was only 1 of each of the sunglass’s I was interested in… kind of sucks

Nordstrom Rack is their discounted outlet place for all the stuff that didn’t sell at regular Nordie’s. They do not have a web commerce link. I can’t afford Nordstrom.

That said, the other comment was correct. After looking closely at the Aviator glasses sold here, I see that my glasses do not have the Armani logo emblazoned on the arm. Other than that they are the exact same glasses. So if that logo is worth 20 bucks to you buy it here.

Where can I find the specs (lens measurements etc" for these?

Anyone have their glasses shipped yet? Mine is still pending.

Same with mine. Been a week now

still pending and no email response from customer support.

Are you referring to an email attempt to the manufacturer or to Member Services here at

Woot Staff

Just sent them an email as well. I don’t mind slow shipping as long as they send the item out in a timely manner…

Glad to see its not just me awaiting shipping.

I got my glasses in today and they are made in China. :frowning:

I received my glasses yesterday and definately are not Italian made Armani. China knockoff. Cheap plastic. Not thrilled Woot!!

Hello there. I contacted the buyer with your concerns. He replied:

“Our supplier for these sunglasses sources them from a legitimate licensee of Emporio Armani, who manufactures the product in a variety of countries, all of which have a high level of quality control.”

If you still have concerns, please feel free to email for assistance.