Giveaway Ends 3/15 [ENDED]

Welcome to this week’s giveaway.

We are again graced with the presence of Miss Juno, a mini-doxi who’s about 7 years old. Her favorite thing is treats and pestering Woot! staffers for said treats. Juno got VERY excited when we told her she would be doing a pizza photo shoot. She was not happy when she realized that she misunderstood and it was only a pizza box photo shoot.



There will be ONE winner this week! The winner will get:

A Party of Pizzas!: Well, you can get a lot of pizza’s anyway. Up to $200 worth of PIZZA. Just in time for some game with a ball that happens in March. People go mad about it but I forget what it’s called. Or maybe a birthday party. Office party. Just because party. Party supplies and enthusiasm not included.

Here’s how it will work:
• I will contact the winner (hereto-after referred to as “You”) as usual via private message.
• You will decide when you want the pizzas (anytime before 3/31/2019). It can be for pick-up or dine-in. Your choice.
• You will contact your pizza place of choice and work out the details, pizza order, etc. They must agree to accept payment over the phone.
• You will give me the name and number of the pizza place and the person to ask for.
• I will pay for up to $200 in pizza, bread, salads, etc. Drinks or alcohol excluded. I will be asking for a receipt. :stuck_out_tongue:
• You do not get change if the total comes in under $200.
• You will go forth and enjoy said pizza or pick it up to bring home to your mad March party of sport ball joy.

**You don’t get Juno, the wall, floor, carpet, edge trim, electrical outlet, or the slobbery pizza boxes.


To enter , post in this thread saying “Woot! Toss me a Pizza Party [party not included]” or whatever you want really. Write a haiku if you want. I’m not allowed to test your skills other than being able to post. BUT…posts on Facebook, Twitter, or any other place are not valid entries. You MUST post right here in THIS thread.

Pro Tip: You don’t have to scroll to the bottom to post. Look for this button on the right side and click it. BOOM!

One entry per person. No stuffing the ballot box. Don’t make me play bad moderator. You must enter before Friday, 3/15 @ 4pm CT.

I will randomly pick a winner(s) by taking the post count and getting a random number from good ol’ Microsoft Excel (trademark, copyright, protections, etc).

I will notify the winner(s) on Friday via Private Message here on the forums and ask CS to email you. (If you have a private message, you’ll see a number next to your avatar in the upper-right corner.) You have until the following Monday at 12 noon CT to respond with your address and stating that you agree to these stupidly long contest rules .

Did I say No Purchase Required to Enter ? Legal says I have to say that.

Also, here the link again for all those long legal rules .

More pics of Juno:

Is ALL Juno’s? Just for me?

I can haz pizza now?



DIS…lick lick lick…IS NEEENUT BUBBER!!! lick lick lick

well, I like neeenut bubber too. lick lick lick

Juno, we’re sorry. We said it was a pizza BOX.
Go away… lick lick lick …Busy…lick lick lick …STILL NOT PIZZA! lick lick lick

Juno, we need to go back to work now!
Nope. lick lick lick Still a bit more over here… lick lick lick and here… lick lick lick

Obligatory butt shot

Ok, I done. Where pizza?
Oh, Juno!



There’d be enough money for 1 pie and some fries. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

(I don’t use chain pizzerias.)

Now if only I could think of a post to write. :thinking:

Mandatory comment:

Edge trim not included?!? :frowning:

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Woot! Toss me a piece-a-party

Woot!! I love pizza and would love you to toss me a pizza party!!!

Woot! Toss me a Pizza Party [party not included]

Woot!! Throw some gluten-free pizza my way.

Woot! Toss me a Pizza Party!! :pizza::pizza::pizza:

Woot, I am presently experiencing an unfortunate lack of pizza in my life and winning this contest would rectify this most egregious error in a most fabulous way. Therefore, I am asking that I be chosen through whatever mystical arts you use to divine the winner. Thank you and good night. Er, morning. Well, it’s 4:15 am here so… both.

You monsters! Get that adorable fur ball some pizza treats!!

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I do make pizza. I undercooked it last night because the dough rose waaay more than expected. I put it back in. For too long. It wasn’t as burnt as it looks…


pizza, Pizza, PIZZA!

This could be classic!
Will TT’s Credit Card bounce
like a dropped pizza?

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Woot! I love pizza and can’t eat it. Please throw me a BoC-calorie free-pizza party!

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Woot! Toss me a Pizza Party!!
Ode To Pizza
Fresh out of the oven, put in a box
On my door the pizza delivery guy knocks
I tip the kind man for he delivers joy
The box is still warm, making me feel coy.
I have set my napkin and paper plate
Knowing this pizza would not be late
I slowly open the lid to reveal
The delicasy that can make my heart heal

The cheese stretches not wanting to leave
It makes it to my plate pepperoni in its weave
I pick up, gentle as if brushing away my lovers hair
And feel the slow spreading, sweet, spicy air.

The greasy dew slides down my fingers
On my tongue the delicate flavor lingers
Before I know it I am left with a box
From which came love as the delivery guy knocked


Woot! Toss me a Pizza Party [party not included]

(the other 59% just have it delivered)


cheese, sauce, toppings, crust
baked at five hundred degrees
aromatic bliss

Woot! Toss me a pizza party! (party not included)

Woot! Break me off a piece of that pizza party! (party not included)

(in a Homer Simpson voice) Mmmm Pizza…