GIVEAWAY! Ends Friday 1/11 [ENDED]



Almost to the end!



Woot! I want to learn with Elmo!”


The winner is post # 53


@ Wooter368290343, you are the winner of some random stuff!

I’ll be private messaging you soon. CS will email you as well.


Awww darn, I’ll let the little one down easy, hopefully they take care of Elmo the way he deserves to be treated!

Congrats post 53


Congratulations, @Wooter368290343!


That’s some crazy free crap. Almost need a bag for it all. Maybe a monkey to fly it here.


Woot! I want to tickle Elmo!


Omg thanks :pray::sob: I never won anything in my life


Like this?


Yay! Congrats on the crap!


:joy: you know what they say someone’s crap is someone else’s treasure