Giveaway! Ends Friday 12/7 [Ended]


Woot! Set me up for holiday gifts!


Woot! Set me up for holiday poop!



“Woot! Set me up for holiday gifts!”


Alrighty! We have a winner! Number 452 of 646 posts. FYI, the post count is higher than what you see because I deleted 3 posts from someone who posted 4 times. If you look at the Permalink for my closing post, you’ll see the post number. That’s what I go by. :smiley:

All that said… Braines1, come on down! You’ll be contacted soonish by private message here in the forums and an email from CS. You must respond via my private message by 12pm CT on Monday 12/10.



Congrats on the WIN!

ps… Thank you for checking on multiple posts TT! Looks like 13 posted 2 or more times!


Congrats, Braines1!


Some may have been responses. These were 4 in a row. LOL


Wohoo Woot !!!


Holiday gifts please.


ummm … You are 2 hours late to the party. I’m pretty sure that I already have friends and enemies enough for the “tantalizing” gifts.




(Me taking Braines1 boc win quite well, I think…)

Congrats Braines1 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Congratulations, braines1 !!


Congratulations @braines1!!