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Woot, I’ll sound super happy if I win this :-).

Woot! I’ll sound blank!

Woot! I’ll sound ok

Awesome, would love to get one of these!!!

Woot I will sound fantabulous!!

My first submission
Just in time I do believe
Hopefully I win!

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Woot! I’ll sound outrageously happy if I win this!!

Dear readers,

My grandmother is very Ill and told me that she really missed listening to my grandpa’s voice in the recorded journals he wrote to her before he died last year. I have bought a recording device that lets me translate his tapes to digital form and give them to her for her 90th birthday, in just three weeks! They are all on cassette tapes that I painstakingly and meticulously got a voice actor to replicate because the tapes had been damaged in a house fire that consumed all her belongings the same year that he died, just this past year. The voice actor did a great job and sounds just like Grandpa Jim! The crackals on the tapes even sound genuine. Also, he replicated Grandpa falling asleep and deeply snoring, all while wearing Grandma’s favorite Johnson sock she gave Grandpa right before he went to fight those dirty japs long ago (his words , not mine). I appreciate the Asian subculture and physique. Grandpa passed on an appreciation for the nude art that Japanese subs provide. Particularly when collars are involved. Grandpa had great taste, and I’m pretty sure grandma made her debut in “American Leash -Girls Gone Wild” in Japan’s booming red light district in the early 30’s. Grandpa lost a lot in WW2, but he never lost the blood flow to his schlong according to Grandma. Supposedly, one of these tapes has some dirtier nods back to when Grandpa read literotica and voice acted for fantasies Grandma enjoyed. They were kinda a kinky couple my mom would say. Anyway, I hope you pick me for your speakers. I think hearing Grandpa’s voice on these speakers would be awesome, and Grandma surely would shed a tear or two. He always was that man that made Grandma cry, usually cuz she’d bring up how Grandpa gave her chlamydia and crabs in the same year right when he got back from the war. I love those two! #RelationshipGoals #TheyDontMakeThemLikeTheyUsedTo #GrandpaPorn #GrandpasDirtyThoughts #JohnsonSock #ImGoingToHell

Sincerely the grandson you said you hated and never wanted to talk to while you were on the cruise with mom a few years back. She brought up the fishing trip and told you about how I stole $5,000 dollars from grandma’s savings to pay for drugs on the mean streets of Daisy Lane, Idaho. Except it was actually my mom that stole it for her gambling addiction but I loved her too much and made her tell you it was me that stole it so you wouldn’t be mad at her.

I’ll sound awesome !

awesome is how I will sound

“Woot! I’ll sound silly_”

“Woot! I’ll sound thrilled” or whatever you want really.

Woot! I’ll sound tooty.

Woot! I’ll sound _______ so great!

“Woot! I’ll sound _______ok”

Woot! I’ll sound _______” … I got nuthin"!

Woot! I’ll sound like a dog howling at the moon if I win this speaker!

I guess I want a speaker thingy

“Woot! I’ll sound _______”

We’ll just see how I sound, should I win.

Woot! I’ll sound fill in the blank