Giveaway! Enter to Win. Ends 4/19 [ENDED]

Welcome to this week’s giveaway.

BUT FIRST! Meet Rocky, a 17 week old Bull Mastiff. Rocky (aka Rocket) with huge feet as you can see. Unlike his name Rocket, he’s not very fast except for when he escapes his gate at work. He’s more into sitting and trying to impersonate a rock.

Rocky loves belly rubs, like seriously flops over as soon as you walk over to him. Snackies are always a winner. He’s not beyond stealing things like food when snackies aren’t forthcoming, placemats, and even dad’s laptop. What he’s not into is anyone or thing that won’t play with him and baths.

I would also like to point out that Rocky is a big boy with a big bladder as we found while babysitting him in our cube area. BIG BLADDER!.


And since it’s hard to see around him:

There will be ONE. winner this week. Each winner will receive:

(1) Pack of 160 PerfecTouch Cups (goblets per the package). Because, who doesn’t need 160 cups.
(1) RooCase lack backpack to make you feel like a kangaroo with a pouch on your back.
(1) JWorld pink backpack with wheels and handle. Wheee.
(1) Songmics Plastic Cube Storage thing. I didn’t look at it but it’s heavy.
(1) Bamboo drawer organizer because an organized drawer is important
(1) Bamboo drawer dividers because you probably need more bamboo
(1) FotoLux single-arm monitor desktop mount
(1) Corn cutter because the world needs more corn cut.
(1) Vault Boy Repair Bobble Head - whatever that is.
(1) Skeleton key bottle opener
(1) 3 tier over rack because I want you to bake me cookies
(1) How to Catch an Elf book in case you don’t have 3 or 4 already from a Bag o’ Crap.


To enter , post in this thread saying “Rocky, why did you pee outside TT’s cube?” or whatever you want really. Write a haiku if you want. I’m not allowed to test your skills other than being able to post. BUT…posts on Facebook, Twitter, or any other place are not valid entries. You MUST post right here in THIS thread.

Pro Tip: You don’t have to scroll to the bottom to post. Look for this button on the right side and click it. BOOM!

One entry per person. No stuffing the ballot box. Don’t make me play bad moderator. You must enter before Friday, 4/19 @ 4pm CT.

I will randomly pick a winner by taking the post count and getting a random number from good ol’ Microsoft Excel (trademark, copyright, protections, etc).

I will notify the winner(s) on Friday via Private Message here on the forums and ask CS to email you. (If you have a private message, you’ll see a number next to your avatar in the upper-right corner.) You have until the following Monday at 12 noon CT to respond with your address and stating that you agree to these stupidly long contest rules .

Did I say No Purchase Required to Enter? Legal says I have to say that.

Also, here the link again for all those long legal rules .

More pics of Mr Rocket Brennan

Hey Rocky, will you pose for us? Look, we even brought Hank’s bone that you stole.

Oh yeah. That.

I’d rather go over there.

I saw Victoria over there.

She went in that room. She’s cute. I will wait for her.

Rocky, there’s a snack over here.
What?!? Bye Victoria!

Obligatory puppy butt

Ok, he’s settling down. I think we can take off his leash.

Oops, maybe not. Rocky. Sit and look at me.

Now, can you focus on what we’re doing?

Good boy. Now go sit in front of the nice items for the giveaway.

Good Rocky! Now just a couple more.

Oooooh, new friend!


Aww sooo cute… first? Second? Hey, I’m early and I want that crap!

Awww! Such a smart puppy. You knew you could relieve your bladder because you were in front of TT’s cubicle! Smart puppy!

Rocky, you adorable pup you!
I’d love that crap!

Here’s some cute baby bunnies my dog found. Unfortunately he swallowed one hole before we noticed what he had found. There are at least 2 others though.

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What a beautiful puppy, smart too!! '“Rocky, why did you pee outside TT’s cube?” Because it was the place to go!

Rocky, why did you pee outside TT’s cube?

'“Rocky, why did you pee outside TT’s cube?”

Insert clever post here.

I’m not kidding.

It’s OK Rocky, it’s not your fault you peed outside of TT’s cube.

“Rocky, why did you pee outside TT’s cube?”

Give me things to win and also ship the dog here as well so I can smoosh his cute face.

Rocky, why did you pee outside TT’s cube?

Rocky, why did you pee outside TT’s cube?

How to Catch an Elf
bamboo drawer organizer
and so much more stuff

Rocky, why did you pee outside TT’s cube? why why why?

In for only the Vault Boy and monitor stand… the rest can be given to a runner up who would appreciate it. :sunglasses::monkey::dog2::fox_face::unicorn::fox_face::unicorn::fox_face::dog::monkey_face::heart_eyes:

I don’t have an “How to Catch an Elf” book yet and there is a void in my life only winning this giveaway can fulfill.

Rocky, “I tried to tell you, but you wouldn’t look up from that phone!”

Have you NOT gotten a B0C in the last 6 months or so?

I’ve gotten one every other month but I’ve somehow missed getting this book. My sadness is great and profound.