Giveaway! Enter to Win!! Ends 5/31 [ENDED]

Welcome to this week’s giveaway.

Hello all! We’re branching out today and welcoming a new giveaway model. Meet Blueberry, a miniature hamster. She’s visited us at work one day lat week. Let’s see what she thinks of a Box of Crap!

There will be EIGHT (8) winners this week. Each winner will receive:

(1) Bag of Crap complete with disappointment.
Note: The BOC giveaways are not subject to the 31-day buying rule


To enter , post in this thread saying “Blueberry, wheel me over to ____________” (fill in the blank) or whatever you want really. Write a haiku if you want. I’m not allowed to test your skills other than being able to post. BUT…posts on Facebook, Twitter, or any other place are not valid entries. You MUST post right here in THIS thread.

Pro Tip: You don’t have to scroll to the bottom to post. Look for this button on the right side and click it. BOOM!

One entry per person. No stuffing the ballot box. Don’t make me play bad moderator. You must enter before Friday, 5/31 @ 4pm CT.

I will randomly pick a winner by taking the post count and getting a random number from good ol’ Microsoft Excel (trademark, copyright, protections, etc).

I will notify the winner(s) on Friday via Private Message here on the forums and ask CS to email you. (If you have a private message, you’ll see a number next to your avatar in the upper-right corner.) You have until the following Monday at 12 noon CT to respond with your address and stating that you agree to these stupidly long contest rules .

Did I say No Purchase Required to Enter? Legal says I have to say that.

Also, here the link again for all those long legal rules .

More pics of Blueberry
Note that she’s pretty darn fast so some pics might be a bit blurry.

Hi Blueberry! We have two boxes for you. What do you think?
Don’t know. Food?

Maybe later. Let’s look at the boxes for now. Which do you like best?
Doesn’t matter. No food. What’s over here?

or here…

hey look, I’m on a pedestal! You must obey me!

Ahhhhh! I fall off my pedestal! HALP!!

There. That bad lid is gone. Will you come back?

Maybe… wait, what’s that…?

Blueberry, could you please focus?
Hmph. Fine. What’s in this thing?

ooooh, sunny seed. Thanky!

Obligatory Hammie Butt

HEY! Privacy Please!

Sorry, Blueberry. But hammie butts are so cute!
How about a box just your size?
Mmmmmmm. Sunny seed.

Hey look, Blueberry. It’s your grocery basket.
Yay! I get in.

zoom zoom zoom

Bye, Blueberry! Thank you for joining us!


I would like to win one of these giveaways.

Great contest Woot! Now, make me the winner!

Blueberry, wheel me over to that Box of Crap!

Blueberry, wheel me over to the canopy and umbrella section!! It’s hot and we need some shade!

Blueberry, wheel me over to security Camera section I’m Scared

Blueberry, wheel me over to great weather!

Blueberry, wheel me over to my NEW bag of crap!

Blueberry…you little cutie,
come to my house!

Blueberry, wheel me over to the edge of the universe

Welcome Blueberry

Blueberry, wheel me over to another 3-day weekend!!

Blueberry, wheel me over!

Blueberry, wheel me over to heaven

Blueberry, be nice to me and I won’t bring ut the rat trap! (Insert evil laugh here.) :smiling_imp:

Blueberry, wheel me over to that good old boc!!

Blueberry, wheel me over to Taco Bell for Taco Tuesday____”

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Blueberry, wheel me over to wherever you want to go! I like surprises!!:blush:

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Blueberry, wheel me over to the price is right!

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