Giveaway! Enter to win!! Ends Friday [ENDED]

Welcome to this week’s giveaway. Today’s photos are a reprise of Judy’s stardom because the thing I planned to give away didn’t arrive in time.

Today’s model is Miss Judy J. She is a two-year old Shih-tzu Lhasa Apsa mix. She loves walks on the beach barking at mowers, leaf blowers, and generally anything that moves. She also barks at people in the office to remind them to stop by and give her scritches and treats.


There will be 8 WINNERS this week! Each winner will get

(1) Bag o’ Crap : That’s right. That thing you crave and despise at the same time. That smelly box of excrement will be yours if you’re one of the unlucky eight! And it’s free and doesn’t affect the 31 day rule! Oh the humanity!


To enter , post in this thread saying “Judy, what about _____" (fill in the blank)or whatever you want really. Write a haiku if you want. I’m not allowed to test your skills other than being able to post. BUT…posts on Facebook, Twitter, or any other place are not valid entries. You MUST post right here in this thread.

One entry per person. No stuffing the ballot box. Don’t make me play bad moderator. You must enter before Friday, 6/21 @ 4pm CT.

I will randomly pick a winner(s) by taking the post count and getting a random number from good ol’ Microsoft Excel (trademark, copyright, protections, etc).

I will notify the winner(s) on Friday via Private Message here on the forums and ask CS to email you. (If you have a private message, you’ll see a number next to your avatar in the upper-right corner.) You have until the following Monday at 12 noon CT to respond with your address and stating that you agree to these stupidly long contest rules .

Did I say No Purchase Required to Enter ? Legal says I have to say that.

Also, here the link again for all those long legal rules .

More pics of Judy!

Please sit on the box.

I don’t want to sit on the box

Why did you put my treatie inside the evil box?

That’s just really [crunch crunch crunch] mean to put my [crunch crunch crunch] treat in here.

Now, how do I get out of here?

Blurred action shot.

Obligatory dog butt photo


judy judy judy

Judy, what about a new car?

If Judy weren’t house-trained, it could be a literal box 'o crap!

Edited to say: Oops, I’m guessing “3” is very unlikely to be the random number. Too fast I was!

Double-edit to say: I love these dog montages! They look like they take a bit of effort and I really appreciate that you post them.

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Judy, what about your needs?


Ohhhh, A peanut sat on a railroad track,
A word he did not utter
Around the bend came the 3:15
Toot, Toot, peanut butter.


Judy is a pretty puppy.

Judy, what about a treat for a good puppers.

Judy what about your crap?

Judy what about a big surprise.

These giveaways should include videos of the animals. It will help soften the blow of not being picked lol

Hey Jude, don’t make me sad.
Pick my number and make it better.

Judy you were born in moonlight.

Judy, what about hopping in one of those boxes and coming for a visit?

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Judy, what about some fun goodies for my pup?? :grin:

Jduy, Judie, Djduy…any way you spell it, you come up Judy BOC, please.

Please sit on the box.

Judy, what about Children!

Judy, what about Elroy?