GIVEAWAY! Enter to win! Ends Monday 5/4/2020 [ENDED]

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I would go crazy for a ____________
Heck I would be happy with a small box of crap…maybe an envelope…I’ll take anything :hugs: I’m really glad they’re back even if I only have a slim chance of getting one. It makes playing the games fun again


Social distancing
Incredibly challenging
New normal coming


I take Prozac for that.

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Roses are Red.
Violets are blue.
This serves as my entry
'Cuz I want to win poo!

Bag of crap would be better but it didn’t rhyme,
So I’ll send my entry without paying a dime.
I hope to win and that this will suffice,
But if I should lose at least I can’t beat the price!

Good luck to all, I hope 4 happy people they make.
And that I’m the 5th 'cuz this post takes the cake!


I need to win this BoC to be interesting in quarantine. Help woot!


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Woot! I’d go crazy for an excuse to get out of the house!

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Woot - I’d go crazy for a BOC. Wait. I’ve already gone crazy. Its been 52 days. I feel like Tom Hanks on a deserted island. Wilson!

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“Woot! I’d go crazy for a order of crazy bread.”

Woot! I’d go crazy for a distraction even the crappy kind!!

Woot! I’d go crazy for a bandolier of carrots!

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“Woot! I’d go crazy for a coco puff!!

I’m a robot. Beep boop boop beep.

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Give me crap!

Woot! I’d go crazy for a new set of words. I’m tired of hearing these: uncertain times, unprecedented times, new normal, state hygienic lab, flattening the curve, epidemiologist

Frankly, I’m tired of being a part of history. But, hey, it would make history if I won this!

Then there’d be a new set of words like: crappp is great, haha look at this, move kitty!, what on earth is this?, hey cool, etc.

I’m sure of it. :slight_smile:


Woot! I’d go crazy for a bag of excitement or disappointment.

Woot! I’d go crazy for a resin 3d printer. Or a maid service. But I’d settle for regular school days for my kiddo…


I love BOC !!

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