Gladiator 2-Door Wall Cabinet

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Gladiator 2-Door Wall Cabinet
Price: $99.99
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I have two of these that I believe I got directly from Sears for a touch cheaper than this. However, they are worth $100 without a single doubt in my mind. Super awesome construction and although they’are sheet metal, it’s beefy stuff. I have my two hanging on a wall and they are rock solid. Totally worth spending a few hundred on a few of these for some superb tool storage.

The ad copy says the doors are silver, but I’m willing to bet they are not. Most likely they’re plated steel or aluminum.
Has the word “silver” just become a figure of speech? What about false advertising?

Uh, no, silver is a color as well as an element. If someone has a silver car, do you expect it to be constructed of silver?

Silver is also a color. :tongue:

I’d say they’re silver as apposed to black. :slight_smile:

Next you’re going to tell me golden sunbeams aren’t redeemable for cash.

What has this world come to?

He she or it , is a moron that explains it

How’s it hanging? Seriously.

I wonder if anyone’s going to complain it’s not made out of gladiators too. Are you not entertained?

are you saying this does or does not come with the “wall” stated in the product name?

Is it a door or a wall cabinet? what if I only have one door?