Gladiator 24-Inch Welded Wall Box Kit

**Item: **Gladiator 24-Inch Welded Wall Box Kit
Price: $119.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Hey all, just a heads-up when doing price comparisons. We are selling a KIT that contains the following:

(1) Heavy-duty Welded Premier 24-Inch Wall GearBox
(2) 32-Inch GearTrack Channels
(2) GearTrack End Caps*
(12) Color Match Screws

*Update: Two sets of encaps for 4 caps total.

You probably won’t find this same KIT elsewhere online.

Let’s read more about the warranty

Good deal, considering it comes with the tracks. Not as good as the deal I got on the 30" wall units from Sears a few years back, though. I bought two of the welded 30" wall units for $99.99 a piece and sears was running some promotion where you got a $15 gift card for every $75 you spend, so I got $30 in gift cards. Didn’t come with the tracks, but who cares, it was a smokin’ deal!

So is a metal box you hang on the wall. For $120. It looks cool and I could use some cabinet space in the shop but, I’m just not thrilled by this. Meh.

So does it come with the cat or not? I wasn’t certain reading the description.

But, but, but, is the test even valid without Professor Schroedinger? It WAS his cat after all.

hmm I wonder if paint cans fit in it without modifying the shelf.

They are pretty nice…I know it seems like a lot to pay for a 24" box, but they really are high quality.

Paint cans do fit without modification.

Would be good for flammables. Latex paint isn’t.

I just love that I can mount the rails, and then I have absolute freedom to mount the 24 inch box just absolutely anywhere along the 30 inch span between the endcaps. With a 24 inch box that means it can be positioned in the center one day, then moved three inches toward either side.

I bet, if I leave off the endcaps, I could even position the box anywhere in an 8 inch range.

Even more impressively, I could mount the rails across a 28 inch window, and have the 24 inch box seemingly magically floating in front of the window.

These flexible rail systems sure are useful, even when they are reduced to one component, and one tiny rail set.

From the example they used a $120 ($230 MSRP) wall cabinet to store about $10 worth of crap, which is what most of us will probably do. I just don’t see the cost verus benefit. Don’t get me wrong, I WANT wall shelves. But since I need about ten times this much space I’d be spending $1200 ($2300 MSRP) to store $100 worth of crap.

I would be in for 2 if Everest White was an option.

Only 2 end caps? Wouldn’t you need four, if each of the 2 track channels has two ends?

I don’t see the point of this. It has to be for more than for what’s pictured. Wouldn’t a regular shelf or full sized cabinet make more sense?

I tend to agree, it doesn’t seem very good cost/performance ratio. But I have seen some of those OCD types who’s garage looks like an operating room. I’m guessing that is the target market. Just like the shapewear over at accessories, if it makes you feel better about yourself and your bills are all paid, GO FOR IT!

Wording challenge.

It comes with two sets of end caps which comes out to four individual caps. I can change the language to make it more direct.

It looks great if you need to keep your light bulbs and car wipes safe from a nuclear blast. I however, need something that can store 1000 cubic meters of various odd stuff with just enough perceived value to keep me from putting it out by the road.

Something with the space bending properties of a tardis would be more useful to me.

I’m not putting down the product, it looks really nice. Just thought the photo with 6 things in it was funny.

You just lost a long-term customer with your “joke” about gassing cats. Sick, seriously sick.