Gladiator 66.5-Inch Bamboo Modular Workbench

Product Page with some good reviews
Home Depot has some good feedback

Ok, maybe I’m missing something, but what exactly makes this modular? Modular usually implies the ability to add/remove/modify additional components, none of which this product offers. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

There are rolling cabinets that fit underneath the bench (sold separately of course.) I imagine that’s what they’re referring to. I have this exact bench and use it as a standing desk. It works well for that purpose.

The finish on the bamboo is pretty minimal. It will probably develop a “patina” pretty quickly if you actually use it as a workbench.

I’m not seeing why this costs so much. and yes it’s much more expensive on amazon.
it doesnt hold a massive amount of weight. dont think it does anything special.

I agree. I built my workbench with a couple of 4x4’s and a solid core door blank and it cost a fraction of the price to make (about $80) and is just as strong, if not even stronger.

That bamboo top really looks beautiful. I bought bamboo flooring for my kitchen about 3 years ago. It was solid bamboo, 3/4" thick and finished in a natural gloss finish just like the bamboo top on this bench. It was beautiful!

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that bamboo IS NOT WOOD! It’s actually grass and it grows at the rate of feet per week…maybe faster. The bottom line is it’s not very dense and is a far cry from a good hard wood. It shows any and all impacts, such as dropping a pot or a dish and even my wife or her friends walking on it with high heels. The floor only lasted 2 years…I had to remove it last year. What a PITA!

So now I see that Gladiator is using bamboo for a work surface on a work bench. A surface you will be banging on, using heavy steel tools on and dropping things on. I would like to meet the genius who thought this one up.

Many of the reviews at HD are taken directly from the gladiator site, many of which all seem to be posted on the same day. Weird.

I didn’t really see any reviews that make it seem that people are using it for building/drilling/cutting/banging stuff on this, which what I think of when I see something labelled work bench. But it is a nice looking table, and it seems people like the way it looks and it serves their purposes well. Personally, I liked building my garage workbench and enjoy working at it more knowing that it is something I made.

Bamboo is wood, and depending on how its treated and finished it can be soft or hard.

Bamboo is not wood.

Patina is something you get on a copper surface with time, such as that desirable greenish patina on statue of liberty or the patina you find on an old coin. The patina you get on a work bench is something quite different. It’s a combination of dents, gouges, scratches and glue stains, paint stains and other chemical stains. After all, this is a WORK BENCH.


I have had bamboo floors in my kitchen and dining room and a bathroom for years and they look better than my other hardwood floors. I would not walk on any of my floors in high heels anyway.

Bamboo has a higher compressive strength than wood, brick or concrete and a tensile strength that rivals steel. It should do very well as a workbench.

I’m currently building in a soap kitchen and thinking about purchasing this for my work table.

How do you get out of the house if you don’t walk on high heels on the floors inside the house? Don’t put your shoes on until you get outside?

We have wood floors throughout our house and never once did I think you shouldn’t walk on them with high heels.

What’s a soap kitchen?

The American Bamboo Society! Who knew ?

bamboo is panda food.

Yes, exactly. Well, not “exactly” in that you put them on at the door before you go outside.

It’s obviously regional, but many people don’t wear shoes in the house.

Only 20" deep? That’s laughable. I have shelves in my home that are deeper than that.

OK, you HAVE to tell us what this “soap kitchen” is. Please don’t leave us hanging…

Bamboo is a tribe of flowering perennial evergreen plants in the grass family Poaceae, subfamily Bambusoideae, tribe Bambuseae. Giant bamboos are the largest members of the grass family. Wikipedia