Gladiator Fold Away Work Station

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Check out some good reviews from Lowes

I have one of these in the garage, and it’s very useful and very well built. Though, I find that the door/table thing is mostly just a catchall. But that’s my fault, not the cabinet’s…

This is really nice. You could say it’s just a shelf with a fold out door, but it would be perfect for certain things. Like storing cans of paint. They’re heavy, and then you need a work surface for opening, mixing, putting the lid back on etc.

we just put a bunch of this track in our garage over the summer. works great. we didnt get the whole wall track since that is very expensive, we just used individual tracks at strategic locations. we have 3 big cabinets and a bunch of hooks for coolers & tools. shelves for supplies & shoes. and the paper towel rack thing for above the tub sink

pic of the best tracks in my garage. right above the kegerator. ha

I bought the track package from Woot and I just had to get this. The Gladiator products are made well and this is a good price.In for one.

And why would someone pay $120 for a smallish two shelf system that only has a shelf depth of 10"…and has a door.

Not seeing value in this as compared to free standing shelf systems or wall cabinets you can buy anywhere…and the MSRP looks to be $350? (geez). This is not a wootish typical deal…

Gladiator is a good quality garage system. I own several pieces I purchased 2 years ago during a Fathers Day sale. I have very heavy tools and I am impressed with how Gladiator has held up. I also like their track system, so that I can easily reorganize my stuff and not have to drill all the time.

My thoughts exactly. I mean, it’s a convenient enough setup, but not worth the price tag, and absolutely not worth $350 (unless it was filled with gold, and then the shelves still couldn’t handle the weight).

Hm, something like this could be really handy in the laundry room.

I have a vintage small 1952 kitchen with original stainless steel splashback tile and a wall opposite the appliances, countertop, sink etc. where there’s room for a small table. I was thinking of hanging pegboard à la Julia Child to have pots/pans handy (I’m also short, and top cupboard shelves require a stepladder (presently recovering from a bad tibial plateau fracture and step-stools are not in my future for a long time to come).

When I saw this it dawned on me this might be really useful in the kitchen to store staples and oft-used kitchen appliances, such as coffee maker and Cuisinart (which would fit if bowl were removed). The shelf would be great for rolling out pastry (which I never do) or kneading bread (which I’ve been known to do).

Has anyone ever used this item this way in the kitchen? Can you think of reasons it would be a lousy idea? The “garage decor” nature of it could probably use sprucing up, but painting it the color of the kitchen walls (in enamel paint) or even using one of the excellent metallic sprays from Rustoleum could be attractive. Then there’s the possibility of turning it into a kind of canvas for kitchen art (but alas, I’m no artist).

What do you Wooters think?

Thanks in advance for having read this far, and cheers to all.


P.S. (Sorry)

Forgot to mention my ancient cooktop and oven are also both stainless steel. Cooktop working perfectly. Oven hasn’t been used in several years when I was away, and doesn’t heat like it used to, but I’m hoping that taking a vacuum cleaner or compressor to the heating element will flush out accumulated dust, mouse dung, etc. (Though mouse dung would burn well, one would think.)

Thanks again.

OK…help me decipher whats included. The brackets they speak of are used in conjunction with the track hanging system? Which is NOT included right? Can the brackets be used without the track system?
Looks like a good product…made is USA I believe.

This could be useful but not $100+ useful. My gut tells me the jump-in point should be around $80. Maybe $100 if there was a door for the top shelf.

i’m sure you could figure out a way to screw it directly into studs, but it’s designed to be used with the track system. if it’s like the full cabinets about the same size, it has one L-shaped bracket you attach near the top of the shelf that slides/hooks into the track groove. either the full wall as in the pic, or individual tracks like are shown in my pic above.

seriously, no comments on my sweet gladiator bottle opener system. jeez.

edit: in the last pic with the jetski, u can see it used with individual tracks. it shows 2 brackets with 2 tracks. thats the trick part with the individual tracks…putting them the exact distance apart so the fit perfectly in the track channels

free standing shelves do not typically have a door, and if they do, not one that folds down to be a work station.

The folding workstation alone is all the reason some would need to want this item. space only when you need it is great in a tight garage or work room.

I just ordered this (thanks Woot) for the main reason of having a fully functioning and strong workstation that is collapsable. I agree with others that I would not shell out $350 for this, but I would pay $115. What you are paying for is quality, and looks.

My thoughts, too. The gladiator wall track is reasonably priced, but everything you hang on it (even a simple hook for a rake or shovel) seems ungodly expensive to me and always has. Yes, it’s very good quality, but even so. My trigger point on this would be somewhere between $60 and $75.

Did anyone else notice the obvious usage of small versions of normally large objects for the product photos to make it look bigger? Clever, clever, but I think that shelf is too tiny.