Gladiator Garage Storage & Organization

We’re trying out a new-ish thing here at Tools.Woot where instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we give you ALL THE STORAGE AND MOAR STORAGE!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.


Time to learn all about the warranty and check out all these hooks!

After all these years…finally the First Sucker! Happy Bday Woot! Feel free to throw in that extra BOC.

They have the tracks on sale on sears “deals center” today for 6.99 a piece… plus this stuff works with craftsman versa track items too, which are on sale right now as well

these are great if you know you know you want a shelf, but don’t know where exactly or want to be able to move it.

Got one over my office desk.

That’d take a lot of 6" tracks.

It is 6" wide, it is 4 feet long.

I own some Gladiator storage stuff which is in my 2 car garage and it’s great…expensive but great. If the objective here is to utilize space in your garage, here is one place in your garage that few people have ever looked and it does not cost a lot of money to utilize this space. [20x20[/img]]( As an example, there is more than 20 inches of dead space over my garage doors when they are rolled up. Most garages have 10 foot or higher ceilings. My garage has 11 foot ceilings. I utilized this space for shelves and it’s about 4 times more shelf space than I ever had on the walls.

I am so mad that I wasn’t paying attention this morning and failed to notice this sale before most of the hooks were sold out. Still in for the project caddy and bottle opener. This stuff is great.

The scoop hooks are cheaper at Home Depot right now.