Gladiator Garage Storage

Gladiator GAWB65RWBG Starter Suite 65-In. Workbench with Rubberwood Worktop

?Anyone have any feedback on this?

For my money, all Gladiator furniture is overpriced, even at Woot pricing. It’s a garage, folks, not your living-room.

Still way overpriced…

And what if you spend as much time in your garage as your living room? You even said “For my money”, so why would anyone even worry about your opinion if they aren’t using your money. Also, if you are in the market for this, you understand that one wouldn’t put “furniture” in a work area.

In other news, Gladiator makes an amazing product, but these are just too pricey here. Sears frequently has a 2 door cabinet on sale for $99 each and Home Depot frequently has several other pieces on sale for much cheaper than here. Keep and eye out for those sales if you really dig these pieces.

so, your opinion is these are too pricey. I happen to agree with both your and bigelowb’s reasoning.

I spend MORE time in my garage than in my living room. I happen to own and constantly work on both a show car and a race car. It’s still a garage.

I don’t have any of these but I do have the the big gladiator tool chest. I got it at a bit of a deal through a employee direct site. I felt like for the price it was a lot better than the stuff at sears or HD/Lowes.

Fwiw it’s been great as a far a tool boxs’ go. Big, solid, drawers are nice and sturdy. For that reason I’d be willing to consider other gladiator stuff.

$149 here[GAWB65RWBG]-1700483/GAWB65RWBG/

[mod note: shipping is $70]

[edit to add: shipping is $70 flat, and a better deal if buying more than one]