Gladiator Garageworks Heavy-Duty Organization Kit

Please tell me someone actually has a use for this crap?

Oh, For the love of Jebus…

… and with this i am going to bed…

Vast ist dis?

well i do have all that woot stuff cluttering up my garage floor…

This??? Is Sparta?!?!

Perfect!.. For… um… uhh. OH!.. er… um… You know. the thing. YA :smiley:

Thank god, sold out.

I bought the pen set (two of them). That must be the earliest I’ve bought something in a woot-off but they looked kinda cool and the price was cheap enough. I don’t have a garage so the current item is up to the rest of you slackers.

Found it for $29.99 here… Come on Woot! get some better freakin deals


I wonder how many screaming monkeys or sets of Woot-Off lights it would take to pull one of these off the wall?

This is like Easy Wall. But slightly more badass.

Well I was going to get two. But they only had 7, apparently. Why not just throw them in a BOC and save us all some time and frustration?

So uh… how long does it take to get this thing - seriously? I’ve had a non-working Fedex number for 2 weeks now. What gives, Woot?