Glarewheel Electric City Bike EB-X5

Glarewheel Electric City Bike EB-X5


What sort of amazing magnetic contraption is keeping this light on the bike!?

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Haha it’s not a magnet holding the light on it’s mounted with a clip to the fork.

I bought three of these bikes when woot had them on sale on 12/2 last year for $10 more a piece…

All three have had zero issues and we have close to 500 miles on each. They easily fit into a car and have features which woot doesn’t list that are important that I will outline now

1.) The headlight which you already saw
2.) Brake lights that are on when riding and get brighter when applying the brakes.
3.) They use standard parts so serving them is easy and cheap and any bike shop can handle
4.) Easy to use rear wheel kickstand that pops up on its own when you start to ride.
5.) Accurate battery level indicator.
6.) Decent front and rear hand brakes that can be easily swapped out for bigger ones if desired.
7.) Zero assembly just unbox and set the seat and handle bars to your preferences.
8.) Legal in PA as the comply with our e-bike laws.
9.) A key

My children and wife use these bikes, the range is spot on for my wife who is 140lbs and even more for my kids who are both around 100lbs. They are pretty zippy for their size and for those who ride the train Amtrak is totally cool with them even on trains without bike storage.

Only real con is they are single speed bikes so under peddle power you can only go around 8mph anything faster requires you to apply power via the throttle but it has a lot to give.