GlareWheel ES-S10 Electric Scooter

GlareWheel ES-S10 Electric Scooter

What’s the range on a single charge?

Per the specs:

Range: 15-20 Miles

Where do I find the app to control the scooter and what is the app name?

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Had to actually call the company to figure this out. The gentleman i spoke with said that there is a barcode in the manual that you need to scan and then it should take you to download the app. He also mentioned that it will then prompt you for a passcode, which is ‘000000’

Hope that helps - and this is their phone number (775-230-7841)

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There is a discrepancy in the description, is this Glarewheel or HiBoy brand? Also the pics show HiBoy and the motor pic says 350W but the specs say 300W, which is it.

Just want to be sure which brand and model this is for.

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Please clarify if the brand is Glarewheel or HiBoy. Two different brands and specs,

Just want clarification. Pics are misrepresenting.

That was a very astute observation, I did not realize lol.

So if it really is the S10, it looks like its 300W based on the one i could find on their website listing (doesnt look like there is a 350W model).

It also looks like if its 350W than it’s maybe its the HiBoy (I couldnt find a 300W Hiboy model, only 250W, 270W and 350W models).

Yeah, i asked Woot, but no response yet.

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Hi all. Just heard back this evening.

The motor is 300W.

The brand is Glarewheel

Photos are updated.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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I was wondering if we can buy the 2 year warranty that is usually offered through amazon with electronic products?

Hi there. As this is new, you could probably by a 3rd party extended warranty from someone but you should check with them first. As to Amazon’s warranty offers, I don’t know anything about them.

We get lower costs by taking on the warranty ourselves.

  1. What is the weight?
  2. The amazon reviews linked to the page are for HIBOY products so that is misleading.

1 - 30 lbs (previously listed 34 lbs from this source, but TT corrected below; kind of odd i couldnt find it on the Glarewheel site; I posted their phone number in a reply above, so could always call them. They answered for me on the first try yesterday and were very nice).

2 - good catch. I know TT had it fixed yesterday, but I guess missed the review section, it happens (I saw the Hiboy comment in review too)

Hi there.

The weight is 30lbs and the weight limit for the scooter is 220lb.

We’ve removed that ASIN (SKU). that was an oversight from the stuff yesterday. TY!

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Received the scooter and notice that it has air tire, the description states honeycomb solid (maintenance free) tires? mine were flat and had to pump it, and my rear tires is not holding air. Anyone else got air tires?

Hi there. Sorry about that. I’m asking the sports team about the tire.

In the meantime, reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Hi Thunder, I did submit an inquiry last night - no response yet.

I use ScootyBoozt, which lets me control any scooter in BT range. Hours of fun.


I just received my scooter. I have not figured out a way to charge it. It looks like I should use USB port to charge it. But the charger does not have a USB port.

My folding spanner was stuck and I cannot fold it any more.
Does anyone have the same technical issue? Have any idea to fix it?
Much appreciated!