Glass Rabbits

“Metrokane Rabbit Aerating Decanting System”
But how large is it, capacity wise…?
Looking for a magnum decanter, and so is Sparky I think.

Are these the same glasses that showed up on the inaugural day of Home!?

I didn’t get a chance to mess with this sample before the icepocalypse took over N.Texas. I tried looking for the answer at other retailers, but didn’t find one.

Closest thing to capacity I found was this:


I wouldn’t take it as a firm answer, but it looks like they pour a full standard size bottle in with a LOT of extra room left.

If we don’t get a real answer by monday morning, I’ll see what I can get off the sample.

“Don’t forget me when I’m gone”…
You made me watch the video. I would never admit knowing that band.
So disappointed.

Rabbit Aerating Decanter is 48oz, V1 Decanter is 50oz. So neither will hold a FULL magnum, but they’ll come really close.

it’s a great song.