Glassbreaker Pen #2 w/ Glassbreaker (2 Colors)

I know two guys that have these. They appear really well made but one of them had the glass breaker point fall out. The only reason I can see to buy one is to be able to say that your pen can break glass. Sort of a compensation thing. Otherwise, bulky and not very practical as a pen.

You’ll poke you’re eye out!

If you like having a pen in your car and you also have a glass breaking device in your car (so you can break out a window in case of accident or submersion) then this pen would allow you to have one less item rattling around in your car. It really isn’t about compensating. It’s about safety and convenience. I keep my pen handy. I’m not exactly sure where my glass breaker is in the car. This pen would make sense since the pen and breaker would both be handy.