Glassbreaker Pen #5 w/ Glassbreaker (4 Colors)

I own all but one of the UZI line of pens and even though I don’t dislike any, this is the one I use the least just because it’s too thin for my preferences. Bear in mind, for writing, most people will not be holding the pen at the knurling which, I believe, even there it’s the thinnest of all the models. I think most will hold it where I do which is down closer to the point which is quite a bit smaller yet, not to mention smoother sans knurling. But it’s the best choice for those who prefer a thinner bodied pen.

I picked this one because there were only 3 models left. I didn’t want the dna catcher ( looks uncomfortable) and I could not figure out if the stricker model had anything special at the cap end or not. I hope I made the right choice. I don’t like really thin pens but I don’t like the thick ones either.

At least I got one, they usually sell out before I even know they are selling them. :slight_smile: