Glasslock 12-Piece Glass Storage Set - Clear

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Glasslock 12-Piece Glass Storage Set - Clear
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What is Glasslock?

For storage space-saving, will these glass containers (sans lids) nest–at all?

The square ones nest in each other and the rectangle ones also nest in each other…WITH LIDS ON!! Very strong set (thick glass) and well made with tight seals. I got the same set before with green lids.

Nest with the lid on?!
How does THAT work?

You have to put the smaller ones inside the larger ones. You probably get lest nesting than without the lids.

I bought these, or a very similar set, on a woot some time ago. We are very, very pleased with them.

Wish the sizes were a bit different. I can’t really find a use for the .6 cup in this set. 1 2 and 4 cup would have been a better option, for me at least.

Same here. We’ve purchased both Lock & Lock (plastic) and Glasslock and definitely find the Glasslock to be far superior - though you obviously have to handle them a bit more carefully.

(We haven’t ever broken one, though).

Big fan of these. The smaller size is kind of useless although we do use it for things like little bits of salad dressing, m&ms, toasted coconut etc in a packed lunch or as mise en place for cooking. They also make great cat fud dishes.

I also purchased a similar glass lock set like this a while back on woot. LOVE it… and the price is sooo much better on woot. nice and sturdy… I did have one slip off the counter… I am a klutz. and I have terrazzo floors… it did not break… I was flabbergasted… lol…I just braced myself for the crash… but no crash no chip… i have had others say theirs cracked when taken from the oven and place in water… so i would not suggest doing that. :slight_smile: the lids wash great and easy and you can not get a better seal. im in for 3.

Like others, we bought them previously from Woot at the same time with Lock and Lock. I thought my wife was crazy buying glass storage containers, but have found that (as usual) I was wrong. We love the Glasslock. We have NEVER broken the glass, however did bust a plastic lid (it was frozen and we dropped it)…
These are really great containers. I especially like how we can put pasta sauce in them and you don’t get that pink/red stain like plastic does. They also clean easily with a quick trip through the dishwasher.
The only problem I have is at work. I reheat my lunch in them and then have to carry the scorching hot glassware from the microwave. I’ve learned to use my lunch bag as a ‘hot pad’ for those occasions. That’s the worst thing I can say about these…
As you can guess, I’m buying another set today. Happy to see them back.

Isn’t Pyrex sold, even here on woot, for cheaper AND made locally, here in the USA?

The Pyrex I have seen at the store isn’t made in the US anymore. I usually end up buying the Anchor brand stuff. it is pretty good.

Pyrex does make some great bakeware and the like but their lids are rather flimsy. It doesn’t compare to Glasslock’s airtight locking. If you drop a Pyrex, you’ll be scrubbing off your leftovers from your floor or carpet.

I’m all for supporting America’s products and companies, but if they’re content with selling a second rate product, they’re not getting my business.

Pyrex set was offered on 8/26. We’ve had two sets for a year and are very happy with them. The lids mare not flimsy. They are like heavy Tupperware lids. I think you’ll be scrubbing the floor if you drop either of these products. It’s all oven glass and needs the same care in use.
This offer gives you 12 pieces with total storage of 11.1 cups for $30. The Pyrex gives you 18 pieces with a total capacity of 30 cups for $25.

Good product, but not much of a deal. Costco has the 18 piece set for $29.

Quality post, thank you for your input.

You can drive to Costco and stand on line with 10 people with full carts ahead of you. I have several Costco’s not far but we only go when we need specific items. Same price, delivered to the front door, I’ll take it.