Glasslock 18-Piece Storage Set Blue/Clear

Glasslock 18-Piece Storage Set Blue/Clear
Price: $29.99
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Condition: New


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Great Reviews over at Wayfair

I own a box of Glasslock I bought on Woot awhile back. They’re great but bulky to store.

IF you are at that “Let’s get rid of as many toxic chemicals in my life” stage, this set is GREAT!! Glass is the way to go: You can microwave in them, bake in them, and store in them!! No more toxic plastic chemicals leaching into your food!!
This set provides great sizes, too.

I’d want it but only if it comes with the food inside. Otherwise it’s the same price at Walmart!

[MOD: It doesn’t look like Walmart carries Glasslock.]

I bought a similar set a couple years ago and it came with two pieces shattered. I contacted the manufacturer and woot and both gave me the run around on who was responsible for replacing it. Never got a replacement… What we got that wasn’t broken worked great. I definitely recommend them. But just don’t buy anything glass on woot/online. It’s not worth the risk. Especially since glasslock stuff can be found all over at stores and usually for cheap.

What’s up with the jihad that Woot has against FPOs lately?! Nothing is available to me any more?!

Only $5 cheaper than buying from the mothership when shipping is added. And with the mothership I would get 2-day shipping. Shame on you woot.

There’s still a plastic to…isn’t that toxic too?

You wouldn’t typically bake or microwave with the lid on…

Do these stack neatly inside each other, or are the sizes unstackable?

Like shapes are nestable.

Where is it made?

I have bought many fragile things from woot!, and all of them have been delivered without damage.
You may have just had some bad luck, and it could have been your local delivery truck.


I really like the set but I’m not too crazy about the blue top. Is there any other color available?